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Get Creative During Quarantine

Time to ‘BITE’ away this quarantine time!

Let’s get creative…
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Isolated! Everyone seems to be talking about isolation and isolation these days, isn’t it? But, like many, I have also been trying to seek out silver linings. It worked hard to understand isolation – not just in the dictionary but by experiencing it and living through it in today’s prevailing conditions.

Isolation, I feel, is passing negative energies among us by making us think we are left alone and locked down. Are We? We need to think about this the other way around! Prisoners in cells are isolated, as they can’t meet anyone. People suffering from dangerous–spreading diseases are isolated to prevent the spread! People in another country or place separated from their family and loved ones are isolated, wherein they don’t have anyone to talk to or have emotional and mental support.

On the other hand, we are safe in our homes with our families. We are truly blessed. We have someone to live with under the same roof. A place to roam around in our own paradise. Excess to technology via all available gadgets through social media and the internet. We in every way are connected – just bound to Stay In and not go Out!

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Rather than this time taking a toll on us, we should make the best of this opportunity. Knowingly or unknowingly, prayers are answered. Asking ‘A break’ from almighty. So now, we have asked for it, and we have it!

We are homebound at this point, so we need to get balanced stimulation from basic activities at home. Just make sure that the push isn’t coming from one place, like a computer screen. Try not to think about missing your original life. Set a long-term goal.

Don’t think of self-isolation as losing your precious time. Enjoy the lack of social pressure. This is a great – opportunity to anchor yourself. You are not different; you are still you. It’s the lifestyle that’s changed.

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I am sure houses are built by our ancestors or us through hard-earned money, giving sweat and blood. But have we spent quality time in it? No right? So why not now? Convert our home into the dream project of what we like to do! The living room can be our relaxing area or office area, which is in demand today. Work from home! Place a yoga mat and let the room be your workout place. Start spending more time with indoor plants; if you love nature, get more of them. Nourish them.

Expand your creativity by getting more experience in planting. If you are a cooking fan, explore the kitchen and become an upcoming master chef! If you were a person who loved painting but had forgotten it due to lack of a busy schedule, this is the time. Play with colours and let your soul get wet in the rain, creating a rainbow of your feeling pouring the colours back into life. The same goes for music, dancing, singing, crafting, knitting, writing and much more. Who and what is stopping you!

Once u start now and continue being interested and enjoying the creative activity, you keep practising and receiving feedback. ‘‘The higher-level creativity we see in quarantine times is vital. But do not let the existence of possible superstars stifle your own creativity.’’

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With enough time, deliberate practice, focus and improvement, you may advance to expert level creativity. Sometimes, a creator’s contribution outlives them and continues to influence a field and be enjoyed or used for generations after death. You don’t have to be working for a cure or entertaining millions for your ideas to have value for yourself, your friends, or the more prolonged community. In addition, creative activities can help you reduce stress, handle trauma, and improve your mood – all of which are particularly helpful at the current moment.

It’s been already more than a month in confinement, I am far from happy. Every day I follow news graphics on how many recovered people, how many new infections, and how many succumbed. Covid-19 has helped me refocus my thoughts to the present moment.

Right now, I don’t have time to think about my career, future, plans. All I want right now is to keep my family alive and happy. So we can survive with little and essential things. Covid-19 is genuinely both a physical and mental challenge. I browse social media and see some people are happy to hear the birds again. I get it. It is nature’s revenge as humanity failed to protect it.

We humans are getting a lesson in humility. We are not just confined to a place, but it seems in time as well. I have relearned the importance of letting go in the midst of all this.

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  1. This is the time when we need to learn new things and try to do what we left because of our busy schedule and use our own time ….truly amazing..keep it going..

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