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Destined to Heal within

A thrill to explore yourself emotionally

Amazing book as I loved to read it and so nicely written. It takes you on a thrill ride of emotions such as happiness, sadness, emotional concern, worry and inquisitiveness. I personally loved the flow of the story and the friendship among the two characters which is Naira and Tisha. The tale which depicts friendship, love, heartbreak, dreams and all so nicely that one thrives to read it just to find out what happens next. Be it the friendship of Naira and Tisha or the love story of Naira and Ivan the truth is handled so well that a reader loves to explore what will happen next and I recommend all the readers out there to find out whether their assumptions are similar to the truth or not?. Do read it to find out where the Friendship and Love story of Naira leads her to. I can surely say that a reader would be so inquisitive to know what happens next in the novel and you won’t leave the book unread for a long period of time. A great shootout to the author for writing such an amazing and emotionally exciting novel. By Nishrin Hajoori

A Fantastic book I came across since ages

The main benefit of this book is that it is empowering. It reminds you that there is a lot that you can do to change your circumstances, even if things seem bleak.
*Destined to Heal Within* encourages people to really visualize their goals clearly in order to attract what they want. It points out that it’s not always a straight line between where you are and where you want to go, and we can’t always detect when things will turn around, but perseverance and a belief in oneself is key.
An Epic journey of Naira with up’s and down’s. A Must Read, Get your copies now. By Burhan Miyagamwala

An epic journey

“Destined To Heal Within” by Lamiya Siraj is one of the wonderful self-help books that I’ve ever read.
The book is full of positive stuff and allow the readers to explore themselves emotionally.
The book contains around 260 pages. The content is divided into 19 chapters.
“Destined To Heal Within” is Lamiya Siraj’s debut work, but it didn’t feel like I was reading a debut book. The book has lots of potential.
The book will let you explore emotions in depth such as- anxiety, eagerness, ambitions, love, heartbreak, heal, friendship, self-doubt, acceptance, happiness, sadness, positivity and hope.
Naira is the main attraction of the story whose life revolves around her family, friends and boyfriend.
I liked how the author described the bond of friendship between Tisha and Naira. The romance of Ivan and Naira was worth reading.
Naira’s friendship with Tisha and Naira’s relationship with Ivan will take her far, but how far?
“Destined To Heal Within” is an uplifting book which will make you believe in yourself.
The book will teach you a lot along the way. The author has good grip on this genre. The flow of the story is fast. Language is easy, so beginners can also give it a try.
The cover is beautiful. The title is full of positive vibes.
Overall it was a satisfying read.
Get the book today and be a part of the epic journey of Naira… By Pratibha Malav

Amazing read

Novel Name: Destined to Heal Within
Author: Lamiya Siraj
Genre: Romance, Literature and Fiction
Format: Paperback, eBook, Kindle
Love stories always attracts me, but this is not just a love story. It has many emotions attached with it along with the different shades of relationships one has in their life. Every chapter is a page turner. Every time, after completing one shade of relationship I thought this is it, what more the writer can get in but to my surprise I kept turning the pages. Every time I kept moving forward. I must say, author has put in her tremendous hard work in this.
The story, like its blurb is interested enough to make you buy it. After completing the reading, I am at the conclusion, that the whole novel is great. It is having around 262 pages that keep up the pace of your reading.
Check out this amazing novel and feel the ride of emotions the author takes you up to. Tighten your seat belts on the roller coaster ride of ‘Destined to Heal Within’. By Shahzad Khan

Loved reading the novel

Amazing !! Loved reading the whole novel. Learnt many things and will imply in my life….Very nicely narrated and written by author.👌👌 By Arwa Hararwala

Destined to be Best Seller. One of the best novel to read which successfully captured all emotions

Destined to Heal within..

Oh my God i got the chills so many times toward the end of this book. It completely blew my mind. It managed to surpass my high expectation AND be nothing at all like I expected in ‘One Step Ahead’.

An extremely powerful story of a young girl Naira, friendship between Naira and Tisha and essence of feel and Love between Naira and Ivan.

As per teaser of the book it really have connected with all the major relationships and also have covered all the feelings mentioned below:


This is Lamiya Siraj first novel, but she has complete control of her story and her style.

Read it and surely won’t leave book before reading it full. By Ammar Rangvala

All emotions in the heart and mind are tugged upon

The plot, story is amazing. Touches your hearts, makes you happy and sad and brings forth many emotions. Truly touches all chords in your heart. Excellent read!! By Tarannum Ali Bakrolwala

Great Work

I am not a hard-core reader, but one of my friend suggested me this novel, and here I must say that she really have a good taste in reading. I have read the whole novel very first time in my life, and trust me it is actually a worthy of your time. Writer has beautifully capture every emotions in this book. I love the essence of friendship between Naira and Tisha. I highly recommend this novel to everyone. This novel makes me a reader. Thanks to the writer. By Altaf Husain Saleem

A perfect blend of emotional relationships with roller coaster ride

I am not a reader or personally a book lover, but when i took the this novel in hand and started reading it, i couldn’t stop. It kept me hooked up. Every chapter is a page turner. It’s like a movie going on in front of our eyes. The suspense, the fun, the liveliness, importance of life and relationships everything is served in one plate as a platter for the readers.

Don’t miss to read this amazing novel of roller coaster ride of perfectly blended emotions.
Grab your copy now and enjoy reading. By Azra Narawala

A perfect mixture of varied emotions

“Destined to Heal Within” is one of the wonderful self help book I have been through. It symbolizes spectrum of emotions and feelings like friendship, love, hate, anger etc. but it converges all towards imparting positivity in life. Still few chapters to read, couldn’t wait to complete.
Will be sharing full review of this amazing writer’s work! By Mustafa Batliwala

A story so involving and fun to read you will wish the story never end

A Rollercoaster ride of emotions from beginning to end. A story of friendship, love and closeness even the best of friends would envy.
It’s a masterpiece worth reading again and again. Looking forward to a sequel and hopefully more on the two best of friends. By Taizun Jafri

Excellent read, worth to have it

“Excellent read, worth to have it”
Truly beautiful and relishing words. Love the combinations used in the book. Looking forward to read some more from the author. By Dharmaj Lejatwala

One Step Ahead

Once in our life, we all experience a kind of feeling that may seem like we cannot get through it. Like we cannot take a step ahead in our life. And that is where this book comes to life.

Author Lamiya Siraj Beautifully crafted a various number of contents on how to believe in ourselves in those dark times. The book starts with the Author’s one-liner that says ”Learn to appreciate the appreciation in life.”

Read full REVIEW here by Ashbiha Fathima in ‘Cafes and Cities Magazine’

The book has it’s different takes on life being a gift for all of us. It keeps on telling the reader how important it is to live each day to its fullest and to have a purpose in life.

The author believes that change can be best dealt with perspective. Finally, the book gives the reader a better perspective about the things in life and motivates them to live the life they actually want to live.
Image clicked by a satisfied reader

Read full Review by clicking here

Verified reviews on Amazon of the book ‘One Step Ahead

An extremely nice write-up…

The author has explained about the appreciating all the small things which means a lot to everyone by taking examples from her life. Let it be being happy, relationships, hobbies and all the necessary and considerable aspects of one’s life.
An extremely nice write up for a One step ahead..

Common Problem, Simple Solutions

When you follow simple living, you think simple. You will arrive at simple solutions to your life’s problems. Author has tried to look through the simple glass into the complex problems of the life. Explained in simple easy go colloquial language, common man’s Solutions are lucidly explained by author. Buy and Read once.

One of the best book with real life experiences

One of the best books to read, as it is so much real. All real experience shared, and so much positivity spread.

Its a kind of must read book.

Congratulation to Author for writing such a live book with live experiences and wish all the best.

Keep writing good and awaited to read more beautiful books in future.

Good book. Must read.

One of good books U must read. Very engaging and realistic. All the best…keep reading books.👍

All articles and stories are connected to common people with real life experiences

Reviewed in India on 18 December 2019I was amazed to read the book which is a compilation of real life experiences and all topics covered are related to a common men. Author has put her soul in writing the articles and wish her all the success in life ahead to release more and more such books on various other topics.

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