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Lets be focused during this pandemic

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Self-control is the only thing that can help us focus to master almost anything into our life. When we have self-knowledge that’s when we will be able to focus on the things that we want to be done.

By self-knowledge, one must take full control of mind and the body will follow along.

In other words, one must become the master and not the slave of own self.

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First, it’s totally normal for our mind to reject new thoughts and ideas. It’s just part of the Law of Attraction learning curve. The idea is to focus on feeling good. When purposely creating through Law of Attraction, you are trying to override your current programming in order to create a new belief about your desire. However, in order to create a new belief, it normally takes many times thinking a new thought before it sounds logical. When your new thought starts sounding more logical and you can feel your new belief forming in terms of how feel about it, you know you’re on the right track!

Focus is the result of contraction and attention while attempting on doing something. These attributes are easily said than done. Practice makes it perfect!

“He’s commanded the one who can’t obey himself.”

One must pay attention to the reactions to things, how he/she process them internally, judge them. Do the best job you can in understanding your own reactions and biases. Then work towards making those thoughts the most positive and productive they can be.

Well it really does take a moment in our life where we choose to go a little “crazy” and give our self the right to really BELIEVE that wildly unbelievable things can start to happen for us.

Our logical minds keep us from trying new things. Logic will protect us from risky unfamiliar endeavours. It protects us from the possibility of failure.

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Here is the thing – put logic aside here. Logic will not help you manifest anything. It’s not logical anyone who is not a millionaire already to become a millionaire. Statistically speaking, you must know that most business fails within a hand full of years. Most marriages fail. Most jobs end. Life ends and you don’t even know when. Don’t go by logic or statistics.

  • Live your life! Don’t fear failure. Embrace the opportunities that may come in between.
  • Exchange focusing on logic to focusing on potential. Focus on what can be.

4 thoughts on “Lets be focused during this pandemic”

  1. A very well crafted article with minute details well studied on the current pandemic situation…what we need to understand is why this has happened and who is responsible?, keep it up

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