Every end is a new beginning.

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Life is unpredictable. Isn’t it? So are we. If we become predictable easily for everyone, what is the excitement left? Why am I narrating all these with you suddenly today? Well, something happened yesterday evening that left me in a thinking mode for a long time.

I was busy reading my stuff, relishing my green tea with lemon. Suddenly a quote, “Every end is a new beginning”, caught my attention, and I was analyzing it when I heard a thud in another room. I asked my daughter to go immediately and check. After a few minutes, she came back smiling, holding a broken wall clock in her tiny hands. Her father asked her to take it away because he was sweeping broken glass pieces off the clock from the floor and didn’t want his daughter to be injured in any way.

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Here, she came and opened her folding study table, placing the broken clock on it with the relevant tools screwdrivers to open it up entirely and check its machinery from inside while having a closer look into it.

Seeing her inquisitiveness, I, too, got excited to know what she was up to and gave her a helping hand to open up a few screws. While she was busy arranging the numbers and the hands of the clock, observing her, a question struck me.

“Is it the end of a beginning or the beginning of an end?”

Somehow, my attention was shifted to the clock we had bought a few years ago. It was the end of our favourite wall clock that hung beautifully for a couple of years in front of our eyes, and today suddenly, it was dead. But, same time, my curious and creative daughter has already started her plan to create something new out of its unbroken parts. So, it is a beginning of an end.

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Well, many times, we all face such situations in our lives. Different people can have different perspectives for the same. I deprived of the accident that occurred with the clock is that already a ‘New beginning’ is in place for the ‘End’ that happened for it. But others can see it differently. The end begins when one can see the outcome. The decisive moment when one begins to wait is the Beginning of the future. It is the point to which one can trace the end’s roots. It is when the end becomes certain, or at least likely.

In other words, the Beginning of the end is an invention of the human mind working retrospectively. We can only know it after it has happened and had its effects. It is a product of interpretation.

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Let’s take a closer look at these from life’s point of view. Significant between the ending and the Beginning is the ‘Now.’

  • “Forget about the past and build for the future but live in the present.
  • “If you want to get educated, travel around the world.”
  • “Beautiful things in life are beautiful, not because they are hard to achieve but because you achieved them.”
  • “Your kindness will always return to you. It can be in any way, form, or manner.”
  • “Love all the same way you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you will have no one to love.”
  • “Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.”
  • “Take care of your body as you reside in it. And it will take care of you.”

I am writing this in the year of the global pandemic, a year worth remembering. But ten years later, I am sure this year will be remembered as ten years ago.

This isn’t just the end. This marks a New Beginning!

  • Lamiya Siraj


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