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Remembering not to Forget to be Grateful. “Happy Teachers Day”


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

“Are we what we are today, because it was destined, or we grew with the help of our teachers?” Today when everyone is taking this opportunity to talk about teachers and show gratitude through various means like making cards, doing online ‘thanks’ programs, writing articles, sending emails and doing telephonic talks to wish them, even I want to pay tribute to all my teachers in my life and be a part of this grand celebration! By observing myself for what I am today, I want to thank my academic teachers and them who have been a part of my journey into moulding me and helping me become what I am today.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

When the students are guided through a process of self–transformation that is much larger than mere memorization of facts, teachers are those who come into the picture. Education is no doubt about creating an environment and support system in which a person change who they are! Teachers mediate and guide that transformation.

Moving further with the grades, I cherish my memories with my English Teacher in higher secondary school, who at that time became the ‘ANCHOR’ for my life, saving my best friend from an emotional tornado. She became our philosopher and guide like a ray of light leading us towards the bright road in the dark tunnel. We will always be grateful to her. Such incidents in the school of life wherein the various teachers have played a significant role in teaching us different life subjects like values, common sense, respect, empathy and other qualities are engraved so strongly on my heart that it has transformed me completely. Thanks indeed would be a tiny word. Still, I want to thank all who have been my teacher, guide, and philosopher, supporting me in all life situations, especially when I needed a hand to hold me and save me from falling down. Thanks for Changing my World. ‘Happy Teachers Day!

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