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To be or Not to be Nice at Work?

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  • To be or not to be nice at work?
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A person’s personality defines whether the person at work is nice or not. Many times, it’s a person’s character, and at times it’s forced or influenced for a change over due to work environment and pressure.

But I feel one should stay balanced at work and take things smartly. Pressure will always remain whether it’s a workplace, to achieve targets for your success or in life! How to deal with them is important. Being nice and generous genuinely always pay back. But one should not be so nice, that people walk over you.

By stating the correct and solid boundaries you can save yourself from getting damaged mentally. With the experience we can mention today that being nice is not bad. If you have the proper knowledge and experience about when to say ‘Yes’ and ‘NO’, it is not bad being nice. If you’re a kind person, express it. It’s good to be sunshine as many might have a cloudy day but won’t express it. Just be careful with the people who approach you only when needed and then disrespect you. Being nice is an art. Don’t let someone steal it from you. Protect your ideas at your workplace as we are living in a competitive world. So, it’s obvious to have competition all around. If someone assume you are weak – prove them wrong. Create and maintain balance, to be genuinely kind but professional. Be open to accept compliments or critics with grace, share your opinions with respect; expressive with your ideas; learn to share constructive critics but communicate it well, and don’t be a nerd.

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Develop yourself in both ways – socially and professionally in nature at work environment. Let your company get benefit more through its relaxed and comfortable employees. When an employee is not expressive at work, somehow, they stop themselves from giving they’re through input. Don’t be too friendly with all your work mates, as then they can take you for granted.

Being nice at work environment could possibly be respecting other people’s religion, race and culture. Being diplomatic according to me is not ‘nice’. You cannot spy on your workers by being nice. One should not violate the privacy of an individual. Be ethical with your work, cheating in any way won’t take you to a long way giving success. You might achieve it for a period but ultimately the truth and facts would be out someday, and you would be ruined. This applies to both out professional as well as personal life.

Stay clear with your priorities i.e., to work for the company, and not to please your colleagues. Prepare a plan on how you can achieve it. ‘Focus on the bigger picture in life’.

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Stay strong: This difficult phase will help you, grow, once you have dealt with this situation successfully, you will feel stronger and more confident. Don’t let the office environment make you weak. Be a flexible listener. Be ready to give ears to other’s opinions, then give your piece of mind by staying rational. Avoid using mobile, maintain eye contact. Others should not feel ignored by you. Discourage gossip and gossipers. They just waste time for little entertainment. ‘AVOID’ is the remedy for them.

It’s up to us to stay nice at workplace by staying positive and maintain our dignity.

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