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The Magic of “Magical Power”

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We all have superpower that we are not completely aware of. We don’t even know the ways by which we can find out what ‘superpower’ we have unless there are such circumstances that reveal the powers. 

If we talk about simple magical feel or power, we felt any time in our life, can be smallest or something big achieved. If we start our day positively and end on a thanking note, am sure we would find more then one magical moment in one single day. It could be the smile of our parents, children, grandparents, friends or even a STRANGER!

I am sure if given a chance or asked a question about ‘Magical Power’ that one can have we might get many amazing answers and ideas for it. As now our world is full of creative minds. Also, necessities play a vital role in this.

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If same question asked to me on personal level. My answer to it: If I had a magic power, it would be to READ & CONTROL people with my mind for betterment. I am an imaginative person and I do believe in the power of magic as for me its confidence, will power and determination to achieve something you decide, desire or aim for. Magic is simply the manipulation of energy in its various forms. I believe things can be invoke into being, by intentions and focus.

I am sure we all have some talent that must have saved us magically from difficult situations time and again. It might be communication skills or to think smartly for a solution on immediate basis. Magic can be tapped into when we learn how to see it, feel it, sense it and then interact with it.

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