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Change is Constant

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‘Life is a roller coaster ride.’ It’s full of ups and downs. We surely have lots of moments in life where we celebrate and feel blessed. But sometimes life puts us in a situation where everything seems falling apart. We try hard but situation doesn’t improve. We try to seek help from others but either no one come to help, or their help doesn’t make differences. In this situation we feel totally helpless. This is very critical situation. This is the situation that makes the difference. The difference between a ‘common man’ and a ‘great man’.

Normally in such situation maximum people lose their hope. Some even commit suicides. Some feel it’s their destiny and nothing can be improved, and they leave everything on destiny and give up trying to improve the situation.

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It’s not that I have not faced such a trapped situation in my life. Couple of times I have and felt devasted! Especially when my father left us for his journey here after! He was suffering from a chronic disease. And I have witnessed him suffer for more than a year. His last 3 months were Pathetic were we all were helpless. More then him it was difficult to see my mother in that situation. To survive with a bed – ridden person with transferable disease when she herself suffering from chronic diseases and vulnerable. I truly felt very low that time in my life. I saw my mother kept trying. She maximized her effort, going out of her limitations. She breached her comfort zone and went beyond her limitations.

This was the time in my life when I needed to keep patience. Had to be positive that everything will improve. WE needed to be strong. We kept believing in our self and our capabilities. In such situation in life we need to show extreme desire to live.

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I learned here that when you feel helpless, 1st thing that you need to remember is that this situation is not permanent. It is temporary and it will change. One should always remember this and keep mind positive. You need to try hard to improve the situation even when it seems that your efforts are making no difference. You need to think beyond your current situations. Make short-term and long-term goals to beat the severity of situations. Keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Worst situation is not permanent, things will start improving after some time and boost your courage and hope. A day will come when you will find yourself out of such situation. Every situation can be solved, even from the lowest place in the world.

Feeling low and negative can be an outcome of a situation when one must have felt unsatisfied with life for own reasons. It might be a lack of relationship with a partner, or problems at home or being not happy with current job. To be honest, it doesn’t matter on level of taking away life.

Our lives are very short, sometimes very exhausting, it is frustrating to feel like you live at the wrong place and the wrong time, like nothing in the world can make it feel better.

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I felt it too…

I started to do some meditation, it gave me a good perspective to look outside of my negative feelings and at times ego. I started with gym and exercising – sports because when the body feels good the soul goes with it automatically.

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The most important thing I did is creating an alternative world of my own, inside my head, that no one can take away from me, where no one judges me, where there are no boundaries. It made my dreams possible, made me feel close then ever. I started writing my journal. I had something to look up to, something to dream about, a passion that can make me awake all night just of the excitement of doing it to the next morning.

‘Love yourself, everyone is unique and if you don’t think that about yourself then you don’t see yourself for who you really are’!

‘Change is constant.’

Attempting for that change is a matter of choice in some thing being. The journey of self-discovery begins with acceptance.

‘‘Everyone wants to think out the box, but no one dares to stand apart from crowd.’’

Believe in time. It has power one could ever imagine!

8 thoughts on “Change is Constant”

  1. Changes are always necessary and required at every stage of life, without change in your thoughts, perceptions and feelings nobody can survive in this world…good provoking experience shared in the article…keep it up

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  2. Change is always required to grow, u can’t grow if u don’t change ur thoughts, behaviour. But this we have to believe on our own self in a positive manner. Very nicely n connecting article. I literally connect this article with my personal experience.
    Keep it up👍

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