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Some Light on LIGHTS

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Thinking about ”light” the things that normally cross our mind are Sun, Moon, Stars, Chandelier, Lamps, Candles and so much more…

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Talking about light in our life other way round, takes us into deep meditation. Light that has enlightened our soul. The light that can make us feel light heartened and carefree. Gives us positivity and fill us up with energies.

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Everyone should search for the light that has enlightened their souls! At the time of distress am sure everyone must had that someone! Isn’t it? Take a sit back and think about it and be thankful. It can be your spiritual connection with God making it more stronger. A friend in whom you can confide. Your sibling as your best strength. Parents most of the time. Or can be someone special who enter your life, right at that time, to hold you and get you out of the tsunami saving your life!

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I don’t want to be the one who don’t value a thing unless I don’t have it. I want to value even the tiniest blessing in my life before it’s too late. Live, love and smile to enjoy every moment of life. As every moment that passed can be a great opportunity. Always ‘Thank’ someone who is your light in calamity as you might be the only one to do it.

Today I want to take this opportunity to thank such ‘LIGHTS’ of my life who have been my navigator to help me proceed with my life turning it successful one!

6 thoughts on “Some Light on LIGHTS”

  1. I am speechless after reading your article. I must admit here that the way you make normal surroundings into a magical lookout , which easily connect to any human being , is something really amazing. Standing ovation for you.

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