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Unknowingly Paired!

Pairs! I was thinking loud by repeating the word pairs in my mind and all of sudden my slothful daughter from the couch in front of me – thanks to quarantine, all of sudden screamed ‘Mamma do you know how many pairs we have in our living room’?

Raising head from my laptop with surprise I asked her What? She completely bored in afternoon got up and started explaining me in the most confident manner like – have conquered the highest peak of Mount Everest in replying me back. See Mamma we have

  • Two same photo frames on wall
  • Two Same Chandelier on roof
  • Two same Stickers on wall
  • Two Rabbits
  • Two Show Piece
Wall Stickers and Frames

With this now she started joking around after some serious talk that also we have two doors, two windows, two chairs and much more…. Innocently, she has touched the topic with an essence to think over for all of us. I had no choice left but to agree with her. We both then laughed our heart out! She filled me up with pride about her observations skills. Staying more then a decade in the same house, I never thought this way and today when I was wanting an write-up on Pairs she not only saved me but gave me my article!

But this definitely left me with deep thinking about how important Pairs are! Was this a co incidence or mistakenly co incidence happened with me! Is this indicating me further to think of for my personality, that how important it is to have a pair – a Soulmate! Here by partner I don’t only mean married couples! No! It could be anything or any relation. Friends, sibblings, couples parents and so much more! Many a times we are in pair with someone for emotional ground and other for spiritual.

On border scale in reality aren’t we all pair up with something or other in our lives. Emotionally, spiritually and in many other ways we depend on an partner! To make us feel complete, confident, reason to be happy, look forward to and much more…

The word “Life” is as deep as it gets. Life is a tough place to tackle and conquering all the battles by your own is a big challenge. Given that we are human, it follows that “doing life” is made easier if it is “Shared” & ”Paired”.

6 thoughts on “Unknowingly Paired!”

  1. Nice observation by your young princess, and you made it more beautiful with your words. N perfectly mention we all come here with our right pairs.
    Keep it up👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey There,
      Thank you so much.
      You truly don’t forget to comment back after reading and makes my Day by leaving me with a broad smile for the rest of the day till I write back and you comment back!
      Thanks buddy!


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