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Believed in Forever – Untwisted twist!

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We expect life to be a continuous journey towards perfection when life is full of hoops, jumps, and randomness. But, unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we want them to. Random events frequently occur in our lives, and it is in our best interest to become aware of how unexpected life really is.

I stopped blaming other people for being the cause of my unhappiness.

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It isn’t easy to stop, and it sure requires a lot of honesty and courage.
It is always easier to blame someone else for throwing away some responsibility but to grow, you have to accept the consequences of your acts.
You have to be determined and perseverant to fix your flaws, but when you do succeed – you, and only you are the source of your triumph – and at this moment, you can be infinitely proud of yourself.
By changing this habit, you will feel that you can change everything in your life – as long as it is something you can actually control.

Expecting. I quit it.

Expectations are nice to have. But some expectations are dangerous, like cancer.

  • I stopped expecting people to be perfect.
  • I stopped expecting people to be nice to me if I’m nice to them.
  • I stopped expecting things to be easy.
  • I stopped expecting people to leave everything for me and be with me.
  • I stopped expecting life to be fair.

Living with guilt and regret.


I stopped feeling guilty about the past.

Having guilt is like having a 100-pound weight on your back holding you down. You are not able to move. You feel like you are walking through mud up to your knees.

I am not even close to being perfect, so I have done things in the past that I am not proud of. For years I was filled with guilt and shame because of my decisions.

I didn’t make mistakes. I made conscious decisions even though they were the wrong decisions. Unfortunately, too many people misuse the word error to blame others and not take responsibility.

I believe in personal development, so I constantly become the best version of myself. In addition, I read and listen to books to improve my mindset regularly.

This transformed my whole life.

This way, we can then learn how to prepare for these events and realize that eventually, maybe, hopefully, life will balance itself out again while learning a few things about ourselves along the way.

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8 thoughts on “Believed in Forever – Untwisted twist!”

  1. Wonder fully explained and made to understand the flaws in every human being which cause the problems in life…live life without expectations and you will he happy always…

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  2. I must say that this blog give me variety of articles on various subject. Gave essential vitamins and proteins for our soul. Very touchy subject of expectations, guilt which is normal human tendency n the effect and side effect of beautifully expressed here. Following this blog never let me down for my thirst of reading.
    Keep it up…and keep writing such motivational n inspiring articles.

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    1. Hi there.
      Thank you for your such positive and fantastic feedback and comments.
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