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Out of Love

It’s a blessing to have someone in life who loves you dearly and can go out of the way to express it and make you feel special. When it comes to cooking, I love getting pampered by getting a platter ready for myself and being served. I clearly state that ‘YES’ I am not a cooking fan. I do it out of compulsion, yet it always turns out to be good – now can say by the grace of GOD or hard luck!

The ability to quickly make something with desire by multitasking and stirring leftover and available resources is the secret ingredient of a delicious recipe. This is a talent that comes from experience.

Yes, we have many signature dishes. Most of them are from families, and a few we discovered :-). On NEW YEAR this year, my ‘HUSBAND’ had made a ‘DESI PIZZA’ precisely homemade chappati for me. So started this year on a good note with lots of good wishes, positivity and happiness. Coming back to his cooking. Yes, he is a foodie person and loves to cook and eat! I love Pizzas and sandwiches made by him.

Homemade pizza ❤🥰

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