Busy Streets turned into Calm Street.

I have witnessed life on the streets watching from my balcony, that have completely gone quite now due to Covid19. ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ is the motto going on across the globe. Everyone have started participating in this actively now, understanding the seriousness of the present condition.

City Resting

I recall the days, when we have spend time here. Family talking a walk. My daughter cycling with her friends. We family friends gathering and chit chatting with playing few games. A group of ladies sitting and chatting with munching’s. Children playing football and badminton. Street full of life and now craving for life!

I pray this calamity comes to an END and we get our life – our routines back!

6 thoughts on “Busy Streets turned into Calm Street.”

  1. Everyone should consider and take this time in positive way that god wants all humans to understand what is important in their life, their own health, their family, nature, environment etc. May this end soon with hard lessons learnt which can be taken further in current n future life.

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  2. I agreed with your article, that we all are missing life that we used to have it before this calamity took over the world. But on the other hand the positive impact of this is that we all are slow down n thanking God for the blessings we have which we overlook due to our BUSY routines. And some how understanding the values of few things that we used to take it for granted. Hope and pray that God heal the pain of sufferings that everyone is facing.
    Nice write up. Keep it up

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    1. Hi there.
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