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It has been a trend followed by almost everyone to talk about ‘Women’ on women’s day and write beautiful poems, articles, anecdotes, stories, thoughts and views. But why limit this to one particular day?

I didn’t take this opportunity to write anything as I was busy reading what others have written and enjoying it.

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By the end of the day, I was asked about my write-up by a good friend on which another friend shared a beautiful article stating I have one! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Praising the received one, still, the question was live ‘where is Lamiya’s Article’? Hasn’t she written anything? I was elated by the simple fact that my write-up was being awaited!

Now, this really caught me! I should pen down having an ‘ocean of thoughts’ inside me. Not just for a day for women but entirely. This erupted my thinking by concluding, ‘Never assume that people won’t notice you. Every minor thing you do will be noticed by someone. That’s where assumptions and opinions are formed. So always be careful of everything you do.’

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Coming back to International Women’s Day, a lot is said and heard. It’s been proven across the globe the success of women through their own hard work and determination. Nations worldwide are making sustainable efforts to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls to fulfil their commitments. Women have started playing an important role as key partners in building the future. Every single woman has a choice to live life on her own terms and conditions. However, women need more education and awareness to have faith and unleash the power within.

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When you, as a woman, are in a position of strength or influence, use it to better someone’s life. Educate people, spread the knowledge. Everything is possible because we, as humans, are gifted with a beautiful heart and rational brain to make things happen. In addition, women are endowed with multitasking capabilities with no boundaries to succeed.

Things have improved a lot in a couple of decades. Previously, people were driven by ideologies, not facts. Women were not empowered, but now, they are considered for their talents and achievements.

The best way to develop the confidence and expertise to face challenges is ‘Believe in yourself, your dreams, mastering your skills, working hard, executing your plans and achieving your goals, this are the best ways to develop your confidence and expertise to face challenges.’

‘Believe in yourself and own your success’’.

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Women inspire us, care for us, make our lives better, tolerate us, and love us no matter what. So let’s celebrate them and not just this random date or day but for every day.

‘‘Celebrate them not just on Women Day but whenever possible.’’


  1. Excellent article about equality makes us realize what this world would have been if people were supportive enough to women and their talent way back then..

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  2. Very nice article on the celebration of women’s Day. I completely agree with you why women having only 1 day to celebrate. Or in just 1 day we really do the justice what women play a different role in everyone’s life.
    Really heart catching article . Looking forward for such more articles in this blog.

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