Men and women need equal rights

Discrimation is still present between genders

Men women should be celebrated equally

We all are living in the 21stcentury. People have started understanding equality in broader sense. People understand the importance of equality of people’s rights on all fronts. Education with knowledge is helping to narrow these differences. We are able to respect each other.

How can we say that we are ‘ignoring men’s issues?’

It has taken us centuries to fight this discrimination. Still we are not able to make 100 percent difference. I myself have faced discrimination at many levels in my life. one classic example driving. While living in UAE past 11 years, I have come across a few men who overtake women drivers on the road. When they see women driving they immediately break the rules because they assume that ‘they cannot drive’. Some men still can’t digestt he fact that women drive all around the world. Some male drivers smile and acknowledge women drivers on the road and show them some respect.

It’s not about whose issues need more attention, whether male or female. We are all human after all and deserve the same platform to think, grow and resolve problems. Since we are human, we are full of emotions. We all have gone through some trauma or stress in life. Why do we decide our problems based on gender? Or who is stronger?

Issues like suicides and depression affect us all. Off course, there are some problems that mostly affect one particular section of society, like breast cancer, female genital mutilation, prostate cancer, and awareness is being provided on such issues. There are many bodies in the form of clubs available to support such issues. Problems needs to be high lighted and exposure should be given to all. People need to challenge such situations and learn to tackle them. There are classic examples of men and women working together in various fields like politics, journalism, acting, banking, science and more where genders are valued and not discriminated against.

I don’t believe in one particular day, to celebrate International Man’s day, woman’s day, Father’s Day and other such events we indulge in. We don’t need one particular day to celebrate people! Every day is a celebration if we value each other properly. We have this precious gift called ‘Life’, which we need to live and cherish, every day of our lives.

16 thoughts on “Men and women need equal rights”

  1. Very well said. Here I am completely agreed with you that why should we celebrate differently womens and mens day. Why can’t we see them as one human before men n women. We should celebrate human every single day. Very well highlighted the discrimination of men n women as it is very sensitive n long debatable subject.

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  2. Those are at best, myopic views. Tables have turned in today’s world. I believe it is the men who are being discriminated. All laws are stacked heavily in favour of women, which the fair sex is using to her advantage to the hilt. For all that matters women have seats reserved even on a city bus, and still women say they are not treated at par (!!!!). Talking about driving, how do you explain women in UAE getting license in the first attempt, whereas men folks struggle even at fifth attempt? How can one expect good drivers if this is happening? Women cant complain without introspecting why the driver at the back is furious.
    Womem need to come out of thier “most harassed” mode. No one is targeting them. On the contrary, just look at the laws in India. A false complaint from wife can get a husband in jail with no provision for bail. Means he goes in till wife withdraws complaint. And you still think males have the edge??? Wake up ladies.
    All the male friends who have put in comments just to support the writer, pls dont do that if you do not agree. That is not the right way to support a friend.

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