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October – Diary

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Day 1

For a Long time, I have wanted to start my day by writing my mind here, Pouring down my feelings, emotions, sentiments, experience, and whatever I have gone through. Finally thought, why not start from today itself. As its 1 October today!

What’s so special about today? We, ll everything. We, humans, tend to be ungrateful, complaining more and being less thankful. I have learned my hard lessons from life, and the 1st and foremost is of being ‘Thankful’. So I am starting my beautiful day today with a smile, thanking you for everything – EVERYTHING in my life. I have witnessed that we can stay happy if we complain less and look at our lives with all the happenings with a different attitude.

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Today, I am elated as my daughter’s exams got over yesterday. Ah, what a relief, indeed. Though still, she is in her primary grades, the stress of her exams for more than two weeks I felt was on me. I felt as if I was appearing for my board exams. I studied every subject with her in detail to make her understand and prepare for exams. No doubt, I revised my old portion and learned a lot of new things. So, Yes, I am grateful.

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She took me to my previous days of learning. I was forced to recall the combined studies that I had been doing with my friends and classmates. What fun it used to be. More gossip and fewer studies (I guess that’s what combined studies are! Isn’t it?). Midnight tea breaks and instant Maggie Noodles were the centres of attraction rather than the focus for the result and marks. We have one or two black sheep in the herd who were studious and were behind the ranks, but the rest all of us were badass cracked heads ūüôā

All the fuss and drama that we went through jointly for the past two weeks were thrilling. So finally, yeah, here I am celebrating the HALF YEARLY EXAMS completed and looking forward to the ANNUAL EXAMS now.

Day 2

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Just two days for exams to get over, and marks have started to pour in. MCQ marks! First, I learned the abbreviation of MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions! I am not so into the marks scored for this year’s exams, but still, I am! Mind understands that we are going through hard times. This Pandemic situation has made everyone adopt the change with new lifestyles. I am debating with myself for marks scored and grades received! Is it essential? Especially in today’s situation! When all our children are taking online classes. It’s the virtual school they are attending. More than eight months have passed, and they have not met their friends, talked with them personally or hugged them. No more going out of home or doing any physical activities. Everyone is just trapped in their own secured homes for the sake of safety! So what children are actually memorizing by course learning and understanding, are these things gonna Work for them in future or in practical life? I agree that knowledge is necessary, but how we use it and implement it in our useful lives is altogether a different chapter.

Day 3

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Well, Writing my journal here is On & OFF. So Day 3 here precisely can be the other day also :-). Anyways, in no time, it was the weekend. From March 2020, since this Pandemic started, every day has been a working day. At the same time, all days are like weekends. The entire family has ‘Work from home’ schedules. School from home. Initially, it was great, but now it feels like loads of never-ending Work. Household chores, other works, professional Work, personal Work, everything has come under one roof. Pretty sure making everyone go crazy now. Most of us must have gotten acquainted with this new lifestyle, but I am sure many are still struggling to get adjusted and adopt this. It’s not easy, I know. But with no choice left, we have to learn to cope with this routine.

Anyways, so yeah, as I said, it was a weekend, and I decided to treat myself with movie night after a long, long time . . . The other day, I read reviews about the movie ‘Five Feet Apart’ released in 2019. Release Date:¬†15 March 2019 (USA)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Justin Baldoni
Written by: Mikki Daughtry and Tobia Iaconis
Cast: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Moises Arias

The movie is influenced by the Novel Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, released on 20 November 2018.

“Humans touch our first form of communication. Safety, Security all in a gentle¬†clasp of fingers or a brush of lips on your soft cheek connects us when we’re happy, bolsters us in times of fear, excites us in times of passion and love. We need that touch from someone we love as much as we need our breath but¬†I never¬†understood the¬†importance¬†of touch. His touch. Until I couldn’t have it. So if you’re¬†watching¬†this, and you’re able, touch him. Touch her. Life’s too short to waste a second.”

Yes, so the entire movie is centrally focused on the importance of human touch and that Stella realized its importance when she couldn’t touch the person she loved more than herself, Will.¬†

She realized the importance of touch when she longed to hug her best friend, but she couldn’t ever again. “Could you ever love someone you can never touch,” This question questions our sanity and our beliefs of love? The answer lies in ourselves, would you ever fall for someone whose lips wouldn’t ever fail on you? Would you stay away from them, just to keep them alive? Would their survival ever mean to you more than yours?

Stella and Will, the protagonists of the drama, unknowingly meet in a hospital, and they are obliged to keep apart six feet at all times. Finally, however, Stella steals an inch from Cystic Fibrosis, and the disease was indeed indebted to her¬†by robbing all her joys of her adolescence, and the distance is reduced to 5 feet. So, that’s why it’s titled Five Feet Apart.¬† Apart from the premier protagonists, you’d love the tale that’s intricately crafted with a huge amount of amour and even all the other characters like Barb, Poe, Julie, and Abby, my personal favourite.

Few of my’ Favourite Dialogues’ from the movie

“If I’m going to die, I’d like to actually live first.”

“How long will I live my life afraid of what-ifs?”

“I’m tired of living without really living.”

“‚ĶI want to be fearless and free. It’s just life, Will. It’ll be over before we know it.”

‚Ķ Don’t think about what you’ve lost. Think of how much you have to gain. Live, Stella.”

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that grief can destroy a person.”

“I think a well-drawn cartoon can say more than words ever could, you know? It could change minds.”

If you read this till the end, take a deep breath, feel it, feel the life oozing inside you. Be grateful for the breath, be thankful for your life, express your gratitude for everything as not everyone receives the joy you’re treading by.

Day 4

Preparation for upcoming B’day!

A Bundle of Joy

It’s my birthday month. I can see the excitement for my upcomBirthdayhday all around me. All my loved ones are trying to hide it from me though I can quickly feel it. I thought that preparation and planning to surprise me started much before then. My daughter is the most EXCITED to celebrate; it made up a gang with a couple of my close friends and families. All the personal phone calls and their murmuring kept me hooked up and suspicious. The more they tried to hide it, the more I would peep in to destroy their planning. The whole week turned out to be like the ‘Hide & Seek’ game in our house. Can’t wait for the final surprise on my birthday day. I can be a spoiler, but I don’t want to be! So, yeah, here I am supporting them all but keeping quiet and acting as I don’t know anything. . .

But the secret of my life at my home front is ‘I am the Planner’. Planning and implementation can’t be done without me! So YES, I am there but NOT there. . . He He He. . .

Day 5

Birthday Celebrations

There are Angels on this earth who made my Birthday a Blessed Day!

The day started with a fantastic surprise by my beloved daughter and her father. I could hear their whispers in my sleep in the early morning and knew they were planning out something for the morning and just waiting for me to wake up. As I knew something was cooking up, I took my own sweet time to wake up! My daughter was sleeping with me in the early morning, but I couldn’t find her beside me when I opened my eyes to get up. So I had to scream at both of them to signal that I had woken up. Initially, I thought to creep in the Living Room and surprise them with whatever they were doing, but then as I said, I didn’t want to be a spoiler, so I had to call them to our bedroom.

To my ‘Surprise’ they came up with a cupcake. Candle on top of it and two beautiful fresh ‘RED ROSE’. I was teasing my daughter by not blowing away the candle. She got hyper and stated MAMMA do it! After a few mins of flirting and having fun, I, like a good baby, did what I was asked to do, and they hugged me, singing the ‘Birthday Song’. OnBirthdayhday I was not allowed to make breakfast. So I waited for the next surprise. My favourite Breakfast was presented in the most elegant way. I truly cherished each and every moment of the morning.

My little angel got the ‘Birthday Card’ she had made at night and showed it to her father, announcing proudly that I am the 1st one to wish mamma at midnight 12:00 O’clock. He looked at me, and I couldn’t stop myself but blush.

Then I was honoured with a few of my favourite songs played in the background for almost half of the day. After lunch, my little princess left to surprise me in the evening, starting to have the gala movie time with DAD (daughters really grow up fast). She has planned everything with the selection of the movie, the ambience, d√©cor, and a few snacks. I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering between yes calls and messages for the ‘Birthday Wishes’ that I kept reverting.

After the movie, the doorbell rang as soon as I planned to take a nap. I had my little munchkins on the door. Had a bigger surprise when a few more friends arrived with freshly baked homemade cake. This was a surprise! The real fun started. My daughter and our family and friends had planned this ‘BIG BOX’ surprise. My gift was wrapped in two layers of boxes with lots of confetti and handwritten wishes. My task was to guess who had written which wish, and then only I could proceed.

Guess What? I guessed all the wishes written by whom WRONG! Now, this was the most exciting part. I kept thinking wrong. None of my answers was correct. The room was filled with laughter, and at the same time, it was upsetting and infuriating the rest of them. But I was enjoying it thoroughly. Finally, as they had no choice left, I got all my gifts as they were for me!

The day didn’t end here! As soon as everyone disbursed for the day and I was relaxing on the couch, just 15 mins to go for the clock to strike twelve and change the date and day – the doorbell rang again. I was like, who could be now at this point of time in the night? My little one opened the door, and I had one more surprise. I had one of my best buddies at the door! She came up with her little munchkin and, of course, a DELICIOUS CAKE. Again an advance well, planned surprise which my daughter knew. We cut the cake precisely at 12:00 and had it with a lot of fun and chit chats!

What A Day! I honestly had the best time. Every year I think this is the best BIRTHDAY I have had till now, but the later year proves me wrong with the previous year giving me great memories to cherish with the best time spent with my loved ones.