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I Believe to Believe in You!

I Believe to Believe in You!

I have put my faith in the Belief…
To believe in you!

You said when “I am ‘THERE’!”
I am ‘THERE’!
Today I want YOU to ask yourself, for OUR sake,
‘Are you really ‘THERE’?

I was a DEAD flower preserved in between the pages of life,
You came, picked me up and gave the energy, the fragrance back…
Making me bloom once again!

I was lost in my DARK World, not even bordering on taking the minimum doses of light….
You came providing me all the required SUNSHINE I needed!

I was all a STRAIGHT face without forming any curves on my lips…
You came SMILING to brighten my day, teaching me that it is the best exercise for the heart and face.

I was all COLD on the peak of negligence mode for myself, losing all my CHARM and chirpiness…
You came with the most innocent and captivating style of CAPTURING anybody’s heart!

HERE, I started to Believe that I BELIEVE in You!
But then, all of a sudden, World went upside down!
Everyone now is trapped with this new unseen virus and disease!
Now when we all are learning to adopt this new lifestyle,
Coping up with uncertainties and natural disasters,
I started feeling you not being ‘THERE’!

You are there but not THERE!

I am struggling daily, thinking about expressing myself to get you back, making you realize that.
I miss you

Those days have come now for which I wasn’t prepared at all!
I laugh to make you smile, but this seems like an impossible task
to be achieved ever!

I am putting all my efforts with complete confidence to get you back!
To conquer the unachievable, it seems like VAIN to make you happy and get you back on track!

I am day by day deteriorating, failing to make you understand how much you are WANTED and NEEDED!

Now, whenever you say I am THERE!
Why do I miss the ZEST?
Why do I miss the US?
Why do I miss the depth of our conversations, jokes, cute fights and healthy arguments?
Why do I feel Everything has come to a STANDSTILL?

Yes, you are THERE. I agree
PERFECTLY fulfilling the duties of multiple characters in your life!
But, in between these multiple characters of yours, I am going crazy searching for ‘YOU’ and only ‘YOU’!

I just want to convey a simple message to you here, that
If you are ‘THERE.’
Everything is ‘THERE’
Else I can’t even think and express,
And explain to you the reality that will be faced by all your loved ones!
That is how Everything will get RUINED and LOST!!!

I want YOU to Believe now in Beliefief –
I Believe that I Believe in YOIt’st’s only you who can keep thBeliefief going”–
“If I ‘m ‘TH’RE’, I ‘m ‘TH’R”’!”

Published in Cafes N Cities Magazine: https://cafesncities.com/i-believe-to-believe-in-you/


Book Nominated for NE8x® Literature Fest 2020.

NE8x® I Author of the Year Nominee

Recognising Author Lamiya Siraj for her esteemed book: ‘ One step ahead.’

Lamiya Siraj

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Lamiya is an Author, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Ex Banker. She grew up in Ahmedabad and later got married and settled in Baroda for 3 years and then Abu Dhabi, UAE

One step ahead

This book is a collection of various articles and works on non-fiction based on real-life experiences. Subjects like Happiness, Hobbies, Challenges, Perfection, Relationships and Technology are covered in this book. Personally, we are full of emotions and sentiments. However, knowledge is everywhere and can be enhanced more with experience. We can overcome
negativity and achieve everything through love, friendship, acceptance and hope. Destiny can be made and changed!

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