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My Books – My Lifeline!

This blog is especially dedicated to the books – My Books! A Book where I am the AUTHOR! Few where I am CO-AUTHOR. Will be sharing my collection and contribution to the writing world. Also will keep on adding and updating for future references 🙂

One Step Ahead. Available worldwide on Amazon. Non-Fiction.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
My 1st Book published worldwide on 17th December 2019

This book is a collection of various articles and works on non-fiction based on some real-life experiences. Subjects like Happiness, Hobbies, Challenges, Perfection, Relationships and Technology are covered in this book. Personally, I feel we all are full of emotions and sentiments. Knowledge is everywhere and can be enhanced more with experience. We can overcome all negativity and achieve anything through love, friendship, acceptance and hope. Destiny can be made and changed!

Take a look
Worldwide available. Non Fiction.

2. 3 Trimester of life.

They taught us what pain is… Sacrifice is their Middle name… Yes, they are CALLED as Mothers.

3 trimesters of life. Beginning of motherhood.

Real stories of the mother about the journey of 9 months of having a baby. Released on Mother’s Day.

Motherhood generally describes a part of woman’s life but the word often carries a woman’s world in itself. Being a girl, you are often asked to get married as soon as you enter valid age. Once you are married, the immortal question to plan a baby comes in the queue. then this story usually starts from the good news. It goes through a long journey of patience for nine months and ends with a melodious cry. This is a story every woman has lived. A story every girl imagines about.

Use Name Lamiya Siraj in Reference.

3. One Above the God – MAA

One above the God – MAA

A special Anthology for Mother’s Day. Launched on 10th May 2020.

Mother – Yes a small word but carry a lot of strength and a power to hold things.

4. Papa – Hamara naam aapse hi hai!

Papa – hamara naam aapse hi hai! Lauch date 21st June 2020
An anthology for fathers to show our love, respect and gratitude for fathers across the world.
For fathers on Father’s Day!

As Father’s Day is jut around the corner, and when it comes to Papa, we never do anything special for them. Lets break this stereotype this time, and gift our father a book with a content on HIM.

5. Feel of Love

Feel of Love

Reviews in the Magazine & Blogs for my Book: One Step Ahead.

One Step Ahead: A Leaf Out of Life of Lamiya Siraj

Click on the Above link to read the full review!

A lot us don’t tend to make ourselves feel better whenever we go through something. we always place our happiness and our strength in other people and then end up getting hurt when the person is not available or just doesn’t care enough.

And when this happens, we fall into a deep void of darkness and struggle on how to climb that mountain of fears and self-doubt.
This explanation after the reading the book as an review has caught my attention and made placed in my heart!

The description couldn’t have been better for the book then narrating this that ‘The contents start with the topic of ‘Happiness’ and Ends with her views on ‘Technology’. Throughout the book, she stands with a side of kindness and love and how it can change our lives even if we don’t believe it. From making time for ourselves in this monotonous world to needing equality between men and women in this world, she perfectly stood to her point of helping others understand and how our mentality about a situation can help resolve the problems that we are facing.

The author ends the book by saying that every one of us is filled with emotions and if the book is enjoyed even by one person, her job here is done.

And I would like to let the author know that I enjoyed and admired this book very much while I was reading and even after I finished reading it.

Thank you once again ‘Café and Cities Magazine for your generosity of reading the book and publishing the reviews. And my thanks here would be incomplete without thanking Ashbiha Fathima. Glad to have you as my satisfied reader.