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My Books – My Lifeline!

This blog is especially dedicated to the books – My Books! A Book where I am the AUTHOR! Few where I am CO-AUTHOR. Will be sharing my collection and contribution to the writing world. Also will keep on adding and updating for future references 🙂

One Step Ahead. Available worldwide on Amazon. Non-Fiction.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
My 1st Book published worldwide on 17th December 2019

This book is a collection of various articles and works on non-fiction based on some real-life experiences. Subjects like Happiness, Hobbies, Challenges, Perfection, Relationships and Technology are covered in this book. Personally, I feel we all are full of emotions and sentiments. Knowledge is everywhere and can be enhanced more with experience. We can overcome all negativity and achieve anything through love, friendship, acceptance and hope. Destiny can be made and changed!

Take a look
Worldwide available. Non Fiction.

3 Trimester of life.

They taught us what pain is… Sacrifice is their Middle name… Yes, they are CALLED as Mothers.

3 trimesters of life. Beginning of motherhood.

Real stories of the mother about the journey of 9 months of having a baby. Released on Mother’s Day.

Motherhood generally describes a part of woman’s life but the word often carries a woman’s world in itself. Being a girl, you are often asked to get married as soon as you enter valid age. Once you are married, the immortal question to plan a baby comes in the queue. then this story usually starts from the good news. It goes through a long journey of patience for nine months and ends with a melodious cry. This is a story every woman has lived. A story every girl imagines about.

Use Name Lamiya Siraj in Reference.

One Above the God – MAA

One above the God – MAA

A special Anthology for Mother’s Day. Launched on 10th May 2020.

Mother – Yes a small word but carry a lot of strength and a power to hold things.

Papa – Hamara naam aapse hi hai!

Papa – hamara naam aapse hi hai! Lauch date 21st June 2020
An anthology for fathers to show our love, respect and gratitude for fathers across the world.
For fathers on Father’s Day!

As Father’s Day is jut around the corner, and when it comes to Papa, we never do anything special for them. Lets break this stereotype this time, and gift our father a book with a content on HIM.

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The Magic of “Magical Power”

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We all have superpower that we are not completely aware of. We don’t even know the ways by which we can find out what ‘superpower’ we have unless there are such circumstances that reveal the powers. 

If we talk about simple magical feel or power, we felt any time in our life, can be smallest or something big achieved. If we start our day positively and end on a thanking note, am sure we would find more then one magical moment in one single day. It could be the smile of our parents, children, grandparents, friends or even a STRANGER!

I am sure if given a chance or asked a question about ‘Magical Power’ that one can have we might get many amazing answers and ideas for it. As now our world is full of creative minds. Also, necessities play a vital role in this.

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If same question asked to me on personal level. My answer to it: If I had a magic power, it would be to READ & CONTROL people with my mind for betterment. I am an imaginative person and I do believe in the power of magic as for me its confidence, will power and determination to achieve something you decide, desire or aim for. Magic is simply the manipulation of energy in its various forms. I believe things can be invoke into being, by intentions and focus.

I am sure we all have some talent that must have saved us magically from difficult situations time and again. It might be communication skills or to think smartly for a solution on immediate basis. Magic can be tapped into when we learn how to see it, feel it, sense it and then interact with it.

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Awesome Blogger Award

Hi All,

I am happy to be nominated for AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD by Betul Erbasi. You can go and check her website for advance idea about writing. Since you are blogging, I am sure you all are interested in it. So, give it a try and check it out.

Awesome Blogger Award


  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward
  • Answer the questions you were asked
  • Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nominations
  • Give them 10 new questions

Betul’s questions for ME:

  1. What do you like about yourself? Positive Attitude, my contagious smile and ready to help nature.
  2. What you don’t like about yourself? At times my immediate reactions that are mistaken by people as ‘Short-tempered’! Sometimes quick to judge and come to conclusion.
  3. What are the most important characteristics you look for in a good friend? Honesty, truthful, lively and easy going. I stay away from selfish and cunning people in my life.
  4. If you were too hungry and too sleepy, would you choose sleep or food first? Without a second thought, ‘Food First and then Sleep Peacefully’.
  5. How much time do you spend on social media in a day? If WordPress is social media, then maximum. Need an app now it seems for myself to monitor my active hours on social media and intimate me especially during this quarantine period.
  6. Do you have a favorite travel destination? If so, where is it? Destination that I had been dreaming by grace of GOD already visited them. So for now, for future it is ‘Greece’.
  7. How does your writing could help people? Connect with themselves and same time with the outer world.
  8. What is the most recent TV show you watched? Do you recommend it? I prefer any ‘reality show’ that is not biased and showcase talent of people. I don’t mind recommending them if its interesting basically dancing or singing shows.
  9. What is the most important human need (other than the basic one like eating, sleeping, etc.) and why do you think it is important? Feed for soul. Anything by which soul stays happy, at peace and satisfied. It could differ from person to person like writing, cooking, exercises, yoga, meditation or simply talking to friends and loved ones by staying connected.
  10.  Mornings, afternoons or evening? LATE NIGHTS – ha ha ha!


Whoever wants to claim it as usual 🙂

My questions for Nominees:

  1. What do you admire about yourself?
  2. When were you last happy the most and why?
  3. What is the one thing you regret the most in your life? Why?
  4. Your most favorite activity during your daily routine?
  5. One thing that you don’t like doing, but still good at it!
  6. If upset, what you prefer to do?
  7. What is your ever-lasting memory attached with a song or a movie? Share if u feel like – Why?
  8. Apart from yourself, who is that one person who you rely in life? Why?
  9. Your favorite mode of transport with a fantasy attached with it?
  10. What was the last thing you challenged yourself with?
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Memories OR Flashback attached with ‘Scent’

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Can You think of an memory attached with the ‘SCENT’ in life? It could be of anything, but surely close to the heart. Am Sure you must be having more then ONE!

Our brain stores memories through everything we touch, experience, taste, smell, see and many other such things. ”SMELL” certainly is an element, which helps stored memories to flash out.

I personally feel the SCENT – SMELL is the strongest memory trigger. Memories and emotions are a strong combination in itself.

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It can be a smell of perfume associated with ‘SOMEONE’ we are close with, or a strong SCENT of lilacs. It could be the scent of the OCEAN or the Mud of first rain after summer. It could be the smell of coffee or tea made by mother, the first thing in morning. Smell of your favourite food, perfumes, flowers, books and its pages, and so much more…

It can be connected to an event that has a strong emotional impact on us in the past. So when we smell that particular smell, it can trigger an emotional response. This can happen even years down the road.

It’s a fact that our sense of smell is automatically heavily connected to our memory system. Few such memories are engraved in me for lifetime. The scent that evokes memories for me is Eucalyptus. It has always remained closed to my heart. It’s my absolute most favourite scent, that is full of nostalgia, love and simpler times. My childhood memories are attached with it, with lot of functions, celebrations and gatherings.

Eucalyptus was used by my mother in the mixer of freshly homemade ‘Mehndi’ with few other ingredients. Till date no celebrations are completed without applying it on our hands. The aroma of mehndi stays for days on hands and months in hearts.

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Also the smell of gentle monsoon breeze takes me to afternoon sitting outside our house on a porch with my mother and friends.

Anytime if I happens to smell such familiar smell in life, I try to take it in me as much as I can as an storage for the upcoming days. It makes me feel alive and energetic.

Do share with me what is yours? Would love to read your share!

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Importance of Team and Team-Work.

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Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
– Andrew Carnegie

I am taking the opportunity to write this blog, as it strike to me while playing a simple game of ‘LUDO’, how important it is form a team and do team-work. This game taught me a lot, that I would be sharing here, which could be applied to various aspects in our life.

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7 Mantra of Teamwork to follow in life.

Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a team to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.

Therefore, successful teamwork requires clearly defined roles and purpose along with the interaction between teammates.

Here are the 7 mantras to observe and take value from.

  • First,


  • Second,


  • Third,


  • Fourth,


  • Fifth,


  • Sixth


  • Seventh,


These to be remembered throughout our life. These will help us to become a better person and moreover a better leader.

You may be a great asset yourself, but It does not matter if you cannot lead your team. What’s the point if you cannot utilize your team, their skills and resources.

It will look natural “if it is natural”. Start imbibing these qualities in your life, accept your mistakes, appreciate other’s work, consider feedback’s, give respect where it is due, be humble and believe in TEAMWORK.

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In order to have an effective team that can bring you the best in all, you need to involve all your team members in planning and share the workload. Each team member needs to actively participate and contributes towards the successful completion of the assignments. This is the only way to achieve an A+ result. To meet this, you need members who think like a team player. But you cannot simply force them to do so. The only way to achieve this is to inspire them with some successful methodologies. You need to have an understanding about each and every team member and have a clear cut idea about what will bring the best out of them.

In order to have an effective team, we need to have open conversations. This will help to maintain a low level of conflict and will also increase the cooperation of your team members. Few mistakes and few complaints will also make a team effective one. A group of members that will take the responsibility together is an asset for any team.

An effective team will have a clear role and clear-cut goal for their team members. Well defined plan and effective relationship are other qualities of an effective team. Constructive, clear and frank criticism is another quality of an effective team.

Create a team with members that are focused and responsible about their goal in order to walk through the road of grand success. Remember these great words from John Lennon ‘A dream that you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality’.

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Teamwork in Business

Nowadays! Everyone wants to succeed in their businesses, want to deliver their best quality products, and excellent services, for delighting their clients. For that, a company’s teams are their backbone for it. Businesses need strong teams that work smartly, with excellence. Without the talented team, you’re just the walking dead without motor skills to go where you want to go.

“A founder’s individual characteristics are important but what’s more important are that person’s ability to bring a bigger and more experienced team with them,” the researchers say. “And the bigger that team the more likely the firm will succeed.”

What is a Team?

A team is any group of people who work together to achieve something to gain a shared outcome. It may be a sales team, or a call centre team, or a rugby team, or the executive team of a multinational corporation. The same simple rules for success apply to all of them.

It starts with the team leader. Every team needs a leader, a captain, a chief, and the success of that team is almost entirely dependent on what the team leader does – and doesn’t do. Great team ensures great teamwork, achieved by consistent application of some age-old basics:

  • Clear Accountabilities
  • Simple Measures
  • Robust Disciplines
  • Coaching for performance and growth
  • Skills
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Teamwork is defined as “A joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unit and efficiency of the group.”

The does not mean that the individual is no longer important; however, it does mean that effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments.

The most effective teamwork is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a common goal.

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List of Books to be ‘Read’ once in lifetime!

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  1. Megaliving – Robin Sharma : The ultimate guide for improving the quality of life , self development , success , goals , happiness
  2. The power of positive thinking – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale : It has solution to face each and every situation of your life .
  3. The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch : The most inspiring and a good read book . Also guides on how to face adversities with a big smile .
  4. Books by Rashmi Bansal such as connect the dots : Ultimate guide to how hard work and compassion can make rags to riches .
  5. The Art of Happiness – Dalai Lama : As the name itself suggests .
  6. The story of my experiments with truth – Mahatma Gandhi
  7. The diary of a young girl : Anne Frank
  8. How to win friends and influence people : Dale Carnegie : the ultimate guide of human interpersonal relations ever
  9. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : Benjamin Franklin
  10. I know why the caged bird sings : Maya Angelou .

These are few non-fiction life changes books recommended for a good read!

List of fiction and few others will be posted soon. Till then enjoy this!

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Blessed and Grateful

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 “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” —  Oprah Winfrey

Being grateful and spreading gratitude can do so much for yourself and for others. We have every day to be grateful for, but we tend to forget to take the time to acknowledge what we have, who we have, and everything around us.

What does be “grateful” really mean? We keep hearing about it, but how come we still don’t practice it? Gratefulness is being appreciative of what you have — whether they’re positive or negative experiences.

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I have found that the best way to be grateful is to begin by noticing the small things and to acknowledge within yourself how thankful you are for something. For instance, when you get your morning cup of coffee or tea, smell the aroma and the nice feel of the cup in your hands.  Give a thought of thanks.

When you go outside and see the clouds think a thought of thanks for the new day and what it will bring.  Notice the pattern of the clouds and the play of light and shadow on your surroundings.  Feel a thought of thanks for that. Feel all the blessing in life in terms of being alive and having been loved. Being healthy and not deficit for anything. For all that Almighty has provided us in terms of requirement and abundance. For nature and natural therapies.

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Go through your day noticing and being thankful for the little things.  Let your grateful nature flow out to others around you. 

As you practice the small things it becomes easier and easier to feel grateful for more and more things.  Let that attitude spread out even further to your acquaintances and finally to the world at large.

Practice makes it perfect.  Pretty soon you will find that you are more grateful and happier.

The best way to be grateful is to appreciate everything universe offers with an open heart.

Because the universe never makes mistakes, it always makes miracles.

I am one, you are too!!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” –William Arthur Ward

Tell your co-worker how happy you are that the two of you are working together.  Notice something about your spouse or child (or best friend) that you hadn’t noticed before and let them know how grateful you are that they have that quality.

1. Share a specific example of something they did for you and how it made a difference in your life.

2. Do something little but thoughtful for them.

3. Give a hug.

4. Tell them you’re there if they have anything they want to talk about.

5. Give them something of yours that you think they would enjoy.

6. Invite them to do something you know they’ve always wanted to do.

7. Encourage them to try something you know they want to try.

8. Offer to do something you know they don’t enjoy doing.

9. Compliment them on a talent, skill, or strength that you admire.

10. Look them straight in the eyes and say, “You make the world a better place.”

We all have something or someone to be grateful for. Invest in yourself by taking the time to be grateful throughout your days.

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Get Creative During Quarantine

Time to ‘BITE’ away this quarantine time!

Let’s get creative…
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Isolated! Everyone seems to be talking about isolation and being isolated these days, isn’t it? Like many I have also been trying to seek out silver linings. Worked hard to understand isolation – not just in dictionary but by experiencing it, living through it in today’s prevailing conditions.

Isolation I feel is passing negative energies among us by making us think we are left alone and locked down. Are We? We need to think on this the other way around! Prisoners in cell are isolated, as they can’t meet anyone. Person suffering from dangerous – spreading diseases are isolated, to prevent the spread! People in another country or place separated from their family and loved ones are isolated, wherein they don’t have anyone to talk or have emotional and mental support. We, on the other hand are safe in our homes with our families. We are truly blessed. We have someone to live with under same roof. Place to roam around in our own paradise. Excess to technology via all available gadgets through social media and internet. We in every way are connected – just bound to Stay In and not go Out!

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Rather than this time taking a toll on us, we should make the best of this opportunity. Knowingly or unknowingly prayers are answered. Asking ‘A break’ from almighty. So now, we have asked for it, and we have it!

At this point in time, we are homebound, so we need to get a balanced stimulation from basic activities at home. Just make sure that the stimulation isn’t coming from one place, like a computer screen. Try not to think about missing your original life. Set a long-term goal.

Don’t think of self-isolation as losing your precious time. Enjoy the lack of social pressure. This is a great – opportunity to anchor yourself. You are not different; you are still you. It’s the lifestyle that’s changed.

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I am sure through hard earned money giving sweat and blood, houses are built by our ancestors or us. But have we spent quality time in it? No right? So why not now? Convert our home in dream project of what we like to do! Living room can be our relaxing area or office area which is much in demand this day. Work from home! Place a yoga mat and let the room be your workout place. Start spending more time with indoor plants if you love nature, get more of them. Nourish them.

Expand your creativity by getting more experience in planting. If you are a cooking fan, time to explore kitchen and become an upcoming master chef! If you were a person who loved painting but have forgotten it due to lack of busy schedule, this is the time. Play with colours and let your soul get wet in the rain creating rainbow of your feeling pouring the colours back in life. Same goes for music, dancing, singing, crafting, knitting, writing and much more. Who and what is stopping you!

Once u start now and if you continue being interest and are enjoying the creative activity, then you keep practising and receiving feedback. ‘‘The higher – level creativity we see in quarantine times is vital. But do not let the existence of possible superstars stifle your own creativity.’’

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With enough time, deliberate practice, focus and improvement, you may advance to expert level creativity. Sometimes, a creator’s contribution out lives them and continue to influence a field and be enjoyed or used for generations after their death. You don’t have to be working for a cure or entertaining millions for your ideas to have value for yourself, your friends, or the longer community. Creative activities can help you reduce stress, handle trauma, and improve your mood – all of which are particularly helpful at the current moment.

It’s been already more than a month in confinement, I am far from happy. Every day I follow news, graphics on how many people are recovered, how many new infections, and how many succumbed. Covid-19 has helped me refocus my thoughts to the present moment.

Right now, I don’t have time to think about my career, future, plans. All I want right now is to keep my family alive and happy. We can survive with nominal and basic things. Covid-19 is truly both a physical and mental challenge. I browse social media and see some people are happy that they can hear the birds again. I get it, it is nature’s revenge as humanity failed to protect it.

We humans are getting a lesson in humility. We are not just confined to a place, but it seems in time as well. In the midst of all this I have relearnt the importance of letting go.

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‘DISTANCE’ Never makes you distant

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Thinking loud as of present situation is demanding this that is distance getting us distant with all our relations during this pandemic when we all are quarantine? This tricky situation in all of ours’s life what we are facing, that does distance between two persons make them distant? Well answer to this question vary from person to person on personal experience and how they handle their relationship. Distance cannot be only in romantic relationship, let me make myself clear here! It can be between friends, siblings, parents, mother-daughter, teacher-students, boss-employees and all those who you can think of right now. Any relation that makes your soul happy. Makes your day brighter. Keeps you going for the day, week, month, year and life!

First thing we need to know; it’s gonna be hard.

Not being able to see their smile or feel them will be tough, and you’ll get a sense of loneliness. But, if you’re lucky, so will be he/she. It means that both of you are feeling the same feeling that you want each other. Make sure to keep up with them, ask about how their day was and be affectionate, keeping your expectation at a bay. You can get to know them more by calling on the phone, texting each other, and/or video calls, all perfect ways to maintain a strong relationship.

You’ll have to know that not many people can do a long-distance relationship because of the fact that they can’t see each other. But, if you can have a strong relationship from a long-distance, you’ll find a love better than any relationship you can have with a person near you, because once you finally see them in real life, the outcome is much better.

If you believe that you found the right person, are smart with your decision, and can maintain loyalty to this person, then absolutely go for it.

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  1. Maturity.
    Long distance relationship works but it’s not for everyone. First, distance should never be a sole reason breaking up because many people made it work. Yes, many. Why to be immature about it by making it an issue for breaking up. What made it work for others is this…

    “We both want it and so distance is irrelevant to us.”
  2. Know what you want. Openness.
    What do you want from this relationship and does the other person is in mutual agreement? This is where both have to be open in sharing exactly what they desire from each other.

    Whatever it is, there is no right or wrong.

    There is only knowing what both want and they both agreed on it.

    Being open, honest is going to make communication amazing. It will make the meeting face to face amazing. It will remove awkwardness. That means no lying. Keep it real because you will meet, and trust is a very fragile thing.
  3. There will always be Insecurities
    What really gets in the way, is the maturity and next is the insecurities. You will always have insecurities. You can receive a text or an email and take it in the wrong way. So, issues like jealousy, possessiveness strike in then your words or their words become mis constructed and feelings get hurt. Distrust starts to happen with lots of assumptions.

    How do you then deal with such things?
  4. Communication
    If people don’t have the time for communication then leave long distance alone. The distance is not then problem it’s maturity, insecurities and a lack of communication. Communication is needed for long distance to work. That’s where a lot of its success came from. If you feel frustrated waiting for call or message, figure it out with using technology. You can now chat, send private messages and text…
  5. Trust
    The core of the long – distance relationship is fragile, and it’s called trust. At some point there must be trust. You need to trust someone and yes, it is easier said than done when we get insecure people, carrying a lot of baggage who ghost on people.

    Focus on nurturing your relationship not ego, tricks, manipulation and jealousy. Make every communication count.

    It’s not easy to trust but there comes a point that if you want it to grow, then trust is the next factor that needs to happen.
  6. Conversation
    Don’t follow the mainstream because they all say talk to all like you do with everyone else. Because they all the same…

    There is a language. You can call it decency. This is most powerful tool. It makes the conversation amazing, exciting and always happening.

    The art of conversation has truly been lost. Mainstream and many authors have watered it down to appeal to perceptions that is favoured by their social peers. It does a disservice to many couples and lovers around the world because they struggle with conversation.

    It’s a skill to not be taken lightly.

Let’s free ourselves from the boundaries we have set. Break the walls. Communicate and spread love expressing our feelings. As we never know ‘Kal ho na ho’ (today is all we have)!

Be Happy, challenge, happiness, Learn to Love, Self-Help

Knew it but still feels like NEW!

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Everyone is facing the period of quarantine going on right now! Living through it everyone is going through their shares of up and downs. In a way only solution by which ‘WE’ can save ourselves and everyone around is ‘STAY HOME, STAY SAFE’.

This more than a month period with the pandemic has made me see the things I knew in brand new way again! I have started observing, thinking and re-thinking. I am sure most of us are doing the same!

Let’s refresh it and start living it as altogether as something NEW learned!

  1. Laugh.
  2. Feel the spark in you.
  3. Spend time with people you love.
  4. Read, Read, Read.
  5. Listen to music.
  6. Remember to be grateful.
  7. Give someone a honest compliment.
  8. Put down the phone and observe around.
  9. Spend time with family happily.
  10. Discover your forgotten hobby, interest!
  11. Drink lot of water.
  12. Do Exercise / stretch / yoga / meditation.
  13. Eat lot of vegetables and fruits.
  14. Plan your day.
  15. Wear bright clothes – get ready.
  16. watch comedy, Laugh till tears roll down.
  17. Play indoor games, board games, Online Ludo with friends and family.
  18. Smile even when you are not feeling it. Smile is contagious.
  19. Do good deeds privately. World is in need of kindness.
  20. Enjoy your ‘ME’ time, Alone.
  21. Happiness is found within. Positivity attracts positivity.
  22. Embrace the Change.

‘Live life is such a way, that life falls in LOVE with YOU!

Be Happy, happiness, Learn to Love, Mother

Core of your existence

Core of your existence

Check out my poem on cafesandcities magazines for ‘Mother’s Day’.
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‘‘Sleepless nights to give you peaceful sleeps’’

‘‘Wrinkles on her face, proves the struggle for your grace’’

‘‘You are her everything, she never had a personal space.’’

‘‘Your happiness makes her day bright!’’

The only thing she longs for now, is to have you in her sight.’’

‘‘You are the reason for the smile on her lips.

Keeping you first, however others may crib.’’

‘‘With her life’s struggle, to make you grow she has gone all weak and low,

So, in your youth now, don’t complain when her age had made her ‘Slow’.’’

‘‘You make her sit alone on chair by wind chap sound,

When winds blow for her End and prepares to go.’’

‘‘She made you grow big,

But now all you do is make her wait.’’

‘‘Don’t you think this woman is above everything?’’

‘‘If you are a follower, become devotee to this woman who dedicated her all life,

For you and your happiness.’’

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Change is Constant

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‘Life is a roller coaster ride.’ It’s full of ups and downs. We surely have lots of moments in life where we celebrate and feel blessed. But sometimes life puts us in a situation where everything seems falling apart. We try hard but situation doesn’t improve. We try to seek help from others but either no one come to help, or their help doesn’t make differences. In this situation we feel totally helpless. This is very critical situation. This is the situation that makes the difference. The difference between a ‘common man’ and a ‘great man’.

Normally in such situation maximum people lose their hope. Some even commit suicides. Some feel it’s their destiny and nothing can be improved, and they leave everything on destiny and give up trying to improve the situation.

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It’s not that I have not faced such a trapped situation in my life. Couple of times I have and felt devasted! Especially when my father left us for his journey here after! He was suffering from a chronic disease. And I have witnessed him suffer for more than a year. His last 3 months were Pathetic were we all were helpless. More then him it was difficult to see my mother in that situation. To survive with a bed – ridden person with transferable disease when she herself suffering from chronic diseases and vulnerable. I truly felt very low that time in my life. I saw my mother kept trying. She maximized her effort, going out of her limitations. She breached her comfort zone and went beyond her limitations.

This was the time in my life when I needed to keep patience. Had to be positive that everything will improve. WE needed to be strong. We kept believing in our self and our capabilities. In such situation in life we need to show extreme desire to live.

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I learned here that when you feel helpless, 1st thing that you need to remember is that this situation is not permanent. It is temporary and it will change. One should always remember this and keep mind positive. You need to try hard to improve the situation even when it seems that your efforts are making no difference. You need to think beyond your current situations. Make short-term and long-term goals to beat the severity of situations. Keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Worst situation is not permanent, things will start improving after some time and boost your courage and hope. A day will come when you will find yourself out of such situation. Every situation can be solved, even from the lowest place in the world.

Feeling low and negative can be an outcome of a situation when one must have felt unsatisfied with life for own reasons. It might be a lack of relationship with a partner, or problems at home or being not happy with current job. To be honest, it doesn’t matter on level of taking away life.

Our lives are very short, sometimes very exhausting, it is frustrating to feel like you live at the wrong place and the wrong time, like nothing in the world can make it feel better.

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I felt it too…

I started to do some meditation, it gave me a good perspective to look outside of my negative feelings and at times ego. I started with gym and exercising – sports because when the body feels good the soul goes with it automatically.

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The most important thing I did is creating an alternative world of my own, inside my head, that no one can take away from me, where no one judges me, where there are no boundaries. It made my dreams possible, made me feel close then ever. I started writing my journal. I had something to look up to, something to dream about, a passion that can make me awake all night just of the excitement of doing it to the next morning.

‘Love yourself, everyone is unique and if you don’t think that about yourself then you don’t see yourself for who you really are’!

‘Change is constant.’

Attempting for that change is a matter of choice in some thing being. The journey of self-discovery begins with acceptance.

‘‘Everyone wants to think out the box, but no one dares to stand apart from crowd.’’

Believe in time. It has power one could ever imagine!

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Experiences best teacher for life!

Refer the above link! Not just a magazine but feed for soul! Never cease to inspire new things on various topics.

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Enlightenment is as an aspect of our potential.  We live in an expansive universe and everything is energy.  We are energy and have an expansive potential.  Enlightenment is our natural state of being, AND a human choice.  It is the power of our own belief that keeps us either in limitation or frees us to live the truth.  Earth is a school and we are here to learn how to realize who and what we truly are. 

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You cannot be trained to grow from a baby into an adult.   The body needn’t be trained, the mind naturally develops and the emotions as well.  Well, of course we must learn behaviors and so on.  What I mean is that it is a natural progression to do so.   What is our inherent blueprint is set into motion and the intelligence within you is navigated to that fulfillment. 

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What control we do have however, is that of choosing what we preceive as truth from illusion.  We have the choice of what information is acceptable to our idea of reality.  It is this information we choose that determines how quickly or how slowly we continue our natural growth. We have the choice to be our own person, claim self authority, and be a leader of our life, not a follower of others.  The sooner we learn that others don’t have the answers for us, the sooner we will develop the courage to set out upon our own path to awakening. 

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Because we are beings with a sentient sense of self, with will and imagination. we have the dignity of choice.  We have tremendous potential.  We must choose that potential and give up limitation, stagnant concepts of being, and negativity.  We must learn about the power of the mind to co create our reality.  We must keep an open mind and heart to embrace our deeper potential.  We cannot be more influenced by what others say in their lives than by what our heart tells us in our own lives.

We can train our own mind to have healthy patterns of self respect, self worth, and a positive outlook in life.  There are many things you can do to further our awakening into a more expansive sense of self.

We are all given a great prize.  That prize is full developed, fully awakened and fully intact right here and now.  It belongs to each of us, but we must find our way to it.  That is our challenge.  It has no need to prove itself to us.  WE have the challenge to understand a being within so great, that it can find it.

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Experiences in life are our teachers.  No time is wasted or lost.  We learn something in every moment.  We know how to break out of our spell of limitation.  We must develop belief in ourselves to begin.  That is how we feed the inner hero.  Give this hero more and more food and nourishment of belief and passion. 

Listen this song below and be like this always! Keep it ON! 👇

It is in beginning to seek answers within that we quicken our progress.  Within is the doorway to our prize.  It is a big, gorgeous, pure gold frequency of light.  It is forever open.  It was open when your were born, before you were born and all the days of your life.  Ours is a destiny of realizing our immense potential via human choice. This is the great gift our humanity lays at our feet.

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Some Light on LIGHTS

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Thinking about ”light” the things that normally cross our mind are Sun, Moon, Stars, Chandelier, Lamps, Candles and so much more…

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Talking about light in our life other way round, takes us into deep meditation. Light that has enlightened our soul. The light that can make us feel light heartened and carefree. Gives us positivity and fill us up with energies.

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Everyone should search for the light that has enlightened their souls! At the time of distress am sure everyone must had that someone! Isn’t it? Take a sit back and think about it and be thankful. It can be your spiritual connection with God making it more stronger. A friend in whom you can confide. Your sibling as your best strength. Parents most of the time. Or can be someone special who enter your life, right at that time, to hold you and get you out of the tsunami saving your life!

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I don’t want to be the one who don’t value a thing unless I don’t have it. I want to value even the tiniest blessing in my life before it’s too late. Live, love and smile to enjoy every moment of life. As every moment that passed can be a great opportunity. Always ‘Thank’ someone who is your light in calamity as you might be the only one to do it.

Today I want to take this opportunity to thank such ‘LIGHTS’ of my life who have been my navigator to help me proceed with my life turning it successful one!

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Unknowingly Paired!

Pairs! I was thinking loud by repeating the word pairs in my mind and all of sudden my slothful daughter from the couch in front of me – thanks to quarantine, all of sudden screamed ‘Mamma do you know how many pairs we have in our living room’?

Raising head from my laptop with surprise I asked her What? She completely bored in afternoon got up and started explaining me in the most confident manner like – have conquered the highest peak of Mount Everest in replying me back. See Mamma we have

  • Two same photo frames on wall
  • Two Same Chandelier on roof
  • Two same Stickers on wall
  • Two Rabbits
  • Two Show Piece
Wall Stickers and Frames

With this now she started joking around after some serious talk that also we have two doors, two windows, two chairs and much more…. Innocently, she has touched the topic with an essence to think over for all of us. I had no choice left but to agree with her. We both then laughed our heart out! She filled me up with pride about her observations skills. Staying more then a decade in the same house, I never thought this way and today when I was wanting an write-up on Pairs she not only saved me but gave me my article!

But this definitely left me with deep thinking about how important Pairs are! Was this a co incidence or mistakenly co incidence happened with me! Is this indicating me further to think of for my personality, that how important it is to have a pair – a Soulmate! Here by partner I don’t only mean married couples! No! It could be anything or any relation. Friends, sibblings, couples parents and so much more! Many a times we are in pair with someone for emotional ground and other for spiritual.

On border scale in reality aren’t we all pair up with something or other in our lives. Emotionally, spiritually and in many other ways we depend on an partner! To make us feel complete, confident, reason to be happy, look forward to and much more…

The word “Life” is as deep as it gets. Life is a tough place to tackle and conquering all the battles by your own is a big challenge. Given that we are human, it follows that “doing life” is made easier if it is “Shared” & ”Paired”.

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Believed in Forever – Untwisted twist!

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We expect life to be a continuous journey towards perfection when in fact life is full of hoops, jumps and randomness. Things don’t always go the way we want it to. Random events occur frequently in our lives and is in our best interest to become aware of how random life really is.

I stoped blaming other people for being the cause of my unhappiness.

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It isn’t easy to stop and it sure requires a lot of honesty and courage to do so.
It is always easier to blame someone else to throw away some responsibility but, in order to grow, you have to accept the consequences of your acts.
You have to be determinate and perseverant to fix your flaws but, when you do succeed – you and only you are the source of your triumph – and at this moment, you can be infinitely proud of yourself.
By changing this habit, you will have the feeling that you can change everything in your life – as long as it is something that you can actually control.

Expecting. I quit it.

Expectations are nice to have. But some expectations are dangerous like cancer.

  • I stopped expecting people to be perfect.
  • I stopped expecting people to be nice to me if I’m nice to them.
  • I stopped expecting things to be easy.
  • I stopped expecting people to leave everything for me and be with me.
  • I stopped expecting life to be fair.

Living with guilt and regret.


I stopped feeling guilty about the past.

Having guilt is like having a 100 pound weight on your back holding you down. You are not able to move. You feel like you are walking through mud up to your knees.

I am not even close to being perfect, so I have done things in the past that I am not proud of. For years I was filled with guilt and shame because of my decisions.

I didn’t make mistakes, I made conscious decisions even though they were the wrong decisions. Too many people misuse the word mistake to pass the blame to others and not take responsibility.

I am a big believer in personal development so I work constantly on becoming the best version of myself. I read and listen to books to improve my mindset regularly.

This transformed my whole life.

This way we can then learn how to prepare for these events and realize that eventually, maybe, hopefully; life will balance itself out again while learning a few things about yourself along the way.

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”Hands – Finding a Way in Dark”

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Hands – brings lot of emotions as well as confidence, when I think about them. Today I am holding a pen, able to share my thoughts, credit goes to my hands. My hands are helping me to create something beautiful.

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Hands authenticate our destiny by our signature or thumb impressions.

Many a times in my life I have been fortunate enough to give hope, encouragement or gentle touch/pat whenever required. Expressing my love, joy and happiness by embracing, hugging and much more, and receiving back in return was possible only through hands. I remember the ‘Special Hands’ in my life, who have helped me in distress by pulling me out from pit and holding on me!

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Today, I take this opportunity to thanks to the hands that were there to hold us during toddler days.

Through ”Hands” by touching someone gently can convey so many things:

  • Forgiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Concern
  • Reassurance
  • Support
  • Love
  • Need
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Warmth

So much can be done through simple touch with hands!

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Out of Love

Its a blessing to have someone in life who loves you dearly and can go out of the way to express it and make you feel special. Now when it comes to cooking, I love getting pampered by getting a platter ready for myself and being served. By this I clearly state that ‘YES’ am not a cooking fan. I do it, out of compulsion yet it always turns out to be good – now can say by grace of GOD or hard luck!

Ability to quickly make something with desire by multitasking and stirring of left over and available resource is the secret ingredient of a delicious recipe . This is a talent which comes from experience.

Yes we have many signature dishes. Most of them from families and few we discovered :-). On NEW YEAR this year, my ‘HUSBAND’ had made a ‘DESI PIZZA’ precisely home made chappati for me. Started this year on good note with lots of good wishes, positivity and happiness. Coming back to his cooking. Yes he is a foodie person and loves to cook and eat! I love Pizza’s and sandwiches made by him.

Home made pizza ❤🥰
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Himalayan thrills

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The most memorable trip I had was going to Himalayas for 21-day basic mountaineering course at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering way back in 1996. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without my elder sister – my lifeline being on my side. All credits go to her.

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During the course we did river rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, camping with various other activities like cooking with limited resources. To date I am so fascinated with that trip that I feel like I just have come from it last week, though it’s been 22 years now. Memories are so engraved in mind and heart. That was my first trip without my parents or relatives.


I made so many friends from different places of India later who all became my pen friends. Even today, when I close my eyes, I can feel the cool breeze of mountains. The melodious sound of river flowing. Various waterfalls. Sunrises and sunsets that are completely different in Himalayan mountain ranges. What more could one ask.

My secret wish is to go on a hiking and mountaineering course with my 10-year old daughter someday.

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Flattery: Being Nice or just being Fake!

Click on the above link to read full article in ‘cafes and cities Magazine’.

Q. Have you ever presented a ‘Fake’ compliment back in response to someone complimenting you?

If we start flattering on a positive note, than sometimes, false flattery can make others happy. Many a times, people give fake response while receiving a compliment for not to sound rude. Compliments may be fake but the love or efforts of person who gave wouldn’t be. It’s more important to make someone feel good about themselves and that could be more genuine reason for giving compliments.

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World today needs more kindness than truth. If you know someone who is having a tough day and struggling, I don't see any harm in giving compliments.

World today needs more of kindness then truth. If you know someone who is having a hard day and struggling, I don’t see any harm in giving compliments. I would do that whole day to make someone feel good.  People these days are more prone to social media to run away from reality, seeking happiness on social media platform to make themselves feel better. So, if a fake compliment can make someone happier, for a little while also, why not! People crave for more ‘likes’ on social media platform like Facebook and Instagram. They thrive and believe on this count though must have not met them personally! They think they are judged based on the comments and likes with the photo and stories they put up.

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But at the same time, I feel being fake can also be manipulative. In business, and especially building networks, should always lead with values and truth.

Because with fake flattering, false value are delivered, basically being manipulated and it always gets catches. Any long-term relationship cannot be built on playing fake I feel. Why to create a bad impression for our self. Highly not recommended. It is very important to cultivate the quality of being natural.

Fake compliments at times are given to boss or in working environment at a lighter note to build relationship. There is nothing wrong in it. Till it is safe and not harming anyone’s sentiments and emotions.

People at times suffer from self-love, so a chief cure for it is the practice of love for others and can this can be done through positive flattering.

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We get confused whether to stay real at times or do flattery. Flattery might give the other person a sense of inferiority complex. But by talking to the other person if you can eliminate the cause and give some happiness with confidence, then why not! Go for it.

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It has been a trend followed by almost everyone to talk about ‘Women’ on women’s day and write beautiful poems, articles, anecdotes, stories, thoughts and views. But why to limit this for one particular day?

I didn’t take this opportunity to write anything as I was busy reading what others have written and enjoying it.

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By the end of the day I was asked about my write-up by a good friend on which another friend shared a beautiful article stating I have one! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Praising the received one, still the question on me was live ‘where is Lamiya’s Article’? Hasn’t she written anything? I was elated by the simple fact that my write-up was being awaited!

Now this really caught me! Having ‘ocean of thoughts’ inside me I should pen down. Not just for a day for women but entirely. This erupted up my thinking by concluding ‘Never assume that people won’t notice you. Every minor thing you do will be noticed by someone. That’s where assumptions and opinions are formed. So always be careful of everything you do.’

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Coming back to International Women’s Day, lot is said and heard. It’s been proven now across the globe the success of women through their own hard work and determination. Nation all over the world are making sustainable efforts to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, to fulfil their commitments. Women’s have started playing an important role as key partners in building the future. Every single woman has a choice to live life on her own terms and conditions. Women need more education and awareness to have faith and unleash the power within.

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When you as women are in a position of strength or influence, use it to better someone’s life. Educate people, spread the knowledge. Everything is possible because we, as humans, are gifted with a beautiful heart and sensible brain to make things happen. Women are gifted with multi-tasking capabilities with no boundaries to succeed.

Things have improved a lot in couple of decades. Previously, people were driven by ideologies, not facts. Women were not empowered, but now, they are considered for their talents and achievements.

The best way to develop the confidence and expertise to face challenges is ‘Believe in yourself, your dreams, mastering your skills, working hard, executing your plans and achieving your goals, this are the best ways to develop your confidence and expertise to face challenges.’

‘Believe in yourself and own your success’’.

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There are women who inspires us, care for us, make our lives better, tolerate us and love us no matter what. Let’s celebrate them and not just this random date or day but for every day.

‘‘Celebrate them not just on Women Day but whenever possible.’’

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Birthday not so special, yet very special now!

Read the full Article – Story with the link above.

This year on my birthday I have reached a milestone number. As people say – life starts with this number. Few express it as half life already lived! Before few years I had seen a wallpaper somewhere stating, ‘Naughty at 40’. Now today this has hit me and left me thinking. Something deep inside me tells me I should celebrate! Celebrate all the days now leading to the birthday and the days after that.

Remembering birthdays when I was growing up were special. I still remember my mother how lovingly and still today takes the photo out of my 1st birthday and shares the memories for the day. Photo yes before four decades use to be a luxury. My memory attached for my birthday is the dairy milk chocolate I used to get 1st thing in the morning. How excited I use to get right before my birthday approaching waiting for it. That use to be the feast for me.

With passing years, as I grew up, I remember in kinder garden my mother had dressed me like a princess, making me wear a ‘pink lenga’ and ‘dupatta’. I even had got privilege to distribute toffees to all my classmates. That day I truly felt like a princess.

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When I was a teenager, what birthdays meant for me was staring at greeting cards. Receiving cards and letters with lots of poetic words and lovely messages in it. Wearing a new dress, flaunting in between families and friends for the whole day along with my favourite food made by my mother especially for me was worth waiting for. I laugh now remembering how I used to count my treasured greeting cards comparing with present year to know whether I have received more then the previous year or not! These cards had something fascinating about them. My heart use to get very elated while reading them and flipping it repeatedly.

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Time flew, and with adulthood came lots of responsibilities and complications. I agree I was too busy at times to celebrate. And before I could realise, I was busy planning and celebrating birthdays of spouse and extended family members. Then came motherhood, which simply meant birthday celebrations for my little one and no more celebrations for myself. I remember as a new mother, all I wanted as a gift was a good night’s sleep. Nothing else mattered to me.

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As my baby started to grow as a little champ, again birthdays began to shape into surprise gifts. Prior to my birthday whole week, she did all messy things with paints and colours trying to make a surprise card managing to hide it from me. She succeeded in getting life back in me. Last year all my bed side was covered with hand made lovely cards and messages with tag lines, when I opened my eyes on my birthday. She must have shared the excitement with her friends in class and they joined hand with her sharing the joy for her mamma’s birthday!

Today something inside me urges to pause. Since last few years I was ungrateful and was stubborn for not celebrating my birthday due to some unrealistic and unreasonable reasons. Today its been more than four decades, since I added a number in the population on this planet earth. Yes, I have laughed, cried, torment over numerous things. I agree I don’t like many episodes that have occurred in my life. But yes, as we know nobody’s life is perfect and I have given a major time of my life to understand this simple truth of my life.

With my life’s experience now, I understand the value of time in this world. Life is a gift. God is great! We are blessed with miracles all around us in the form of sea, rivers, nature, mountains, trees, sunrise, sunsets, rains, flowers, birds and much more. I am grateful for all those times, when I have been saved from unpleasant incidents in my life. I appreciate my presence on this earth. Am sure there is a meaning of me being on this earth and alive.

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I may not know how many more years I would be blessed to see this miracle of almighty, but for now I want to cheer for all the good and bad times I have had so far.

There’s one thing I am pretty sure now when it comes to my perception of myself, is I am unique. Now by this belief, I will find my true fulfilment and happiness. Fostering a good, healthy sense of self-acceptance is an essential basis for a happy life.


Holding onto a grudge: Slow Poising

Live a Healthy and long life

Holding onto a grudge: Slow poisoning.

Living a healthy life starts with a healthy mind. It’s not easy to control our minds, especially when we are hurt, or someone has wronged us. When we try to forget something or someone, being upset is natural. People tell you to divert your mind and your thoughts, but that is easier said than done.

Get yourself busy, go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, watch a movie or go to a friend or someone whom you trust and talk to them about what you are feeling. But in reality, when mind is angry, and our heart is hurt, we will not be at peace. And, nothing will work. Different individuals have different ways of dealing with themselves. My way may not be the way for others and so is vice-a-versa. If you think there’s something wrong, go to a professional.

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The way I deal with my feelings when I am feeling down is to play with my daughter. I find comfort in my little angle by playing and talking to her. I get assured that happiness lies in moments and not unmaterialistic things. But if matter is serious, I confide with someone whom I trust.

 Hot water bath and soothing music also helps me to reduce my anxiety. Last but not the least I have a habit to ‘pen it down’. By doing so the negativity is out from my system and once done so, I tear it off and throw it to garbage. 

There are various ways to deal with this situation and for grudges not to make a permanent home in us. If two people are mature, then they should resolve an argument by talking it out with each other. They should meet each other, speak clearly about the issue and try to get it resolved.

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Since relationship is important then negative emotions and grudges, which is holding you and can weigh you down, compiling into a bigger issue, leading further to bitterness, destruction, anger or even depression. Because if not done this way. Then negative effects are seen more on the person holding the grudges, then for the one whom you hold. This can only cause high level of stress and self-destruction.

Why should we self-invite the health issues for ourselves.  Try to get it fixed. If can’t fixed, let it go. Holding on to a grudge hurts. A grudge makes you a prisoner in your own virtual prison cell. Break free and go enjoy life.

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Holding a grudge against someone can hardly hurt them. Even if it does, the effect is much on you than them. People who hold grudges get angry and fight a battle inside. Every little thing infuriates them because their heart is not free.

There’s nothing wrong with getting offended, but one should not make the mistake of taking things too far. Hold if for one more minute or simply walk away from the scene. Learn from it and don’t let yourself become victim of it again. You must understand and accept the fact that in this world you’ll always be hurt by people. Grudges stops your progress in life. Forgive even if the other person is not ready to make up. God would take over and touch their heart for your sake.

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Friendships are essential in life

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True friends are difficult to find, which is why we must cherish the friends we have.

Friendship is a relationship where a person has the freedom to choose another person they enjoy spending time with. Most of the time, it’s our heart finding peace and comfort with this person, or with these people. Friendship is the home for every wandering soul which is lost.

When you are friend with a person, you can tell them everything without the fear of being judged. Friendship can be cultivated with time and understanding. Some friendships are strong and can withstand the test of time and roll like a dice when life throws them a curveball. Good friends, will give the space you want, when you need it and will love you more when you are broken or lack direction.

‘‘When you meet someone and become friends, still not very close but are good friends, your heart starts feeling happy, contemplate and at peace’’ – means you have found the greatest blessing of universe in the form of ‘friendship’ for yourself.

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We love to be surrounded by friends who shower their unconditional love, affection and admiration. No matter how independent, bold, empowered or economically secure we may be, deep in our hearts, we all seek to bond with other people. We all seek that ‘anchor’ in our lives. Relationship with our friends make us strong, grow, enriched, evolve and make us happy.

In friendship you don’t have high hopes and expectations like for that matter in any other relationships. It’s when we expect more from others than what we expect from ourselves, our relationships are not going to be nearly as enduring as we might hope.

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No one can make promises to bring perfection to a relationship, we need to be willing to accept and forgive people for their mistakes. It’s equally important to acknowledge when we make mistakes, so that in friendship it’s easier for a friend to forgive and move forward, and vice-a-versa.

It is also important to respect other people’s boundaries as well as their stories. Some people are difficult to get close to and take time to open up. Don’t push them away.

Good friends are able to acknowledge that everyone is human, and don’t judge you for your choices. If you can’t respect your friend’s choices or decisions, which can be different from what you feel is ‘best’, then try to explain and sort it out, else you need to exit from the relationship. It’s not necessary or compulsory for friend’s to ‘like’ or ‘approve’ their friend’s choices, but good friend accept their friend’s choices no matter what. Friendship is the most difficult relationship to maintain.

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Maintaining the dignity of friendship in its purest and devoted form is not everyone’s cup of tea. I truly admire those who are actually able to keep their friendship till the end of their lives, moreover, in its real form without doing manipulation with name or relation to keep it safe.

I wouldn’t have been able to survive if I had NO ONE to confide in. It’s a feeling of stability – to know that in trouble, I have someone to fall back on, someone who understands.

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Friendship is a two-way street and requires giving and receiving. Many a times you are friend with someone for years and decades but don’t find that comfort, understanding and peace. On the other hand it may happen that you just became friend with someone, starting to know a stranger, still feels that’s it’s a lifetime friendship – like you have been knowing each other forever. And then such new friendship goes year long, leaving a mark to all – to understand the depth of lifetime friendship.

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Found solace in forgiving

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As a seven – year old, it felt strange to be ignored by his own father, even though he had high fever and had met with a domestic accident. His mother had gone out of work, leaving him home to be cared by his father. Was it that he was an unexpected child due to which he was subjected to such bitterness? Or was it because his father was married to a well-educated women, himself being uneducated. Discrepancy, which is still prevalent in many areas of Indian society, is best exemplified by his own family, house and life.

That day, as father was busy doing his not-so-important stuff in house, he went and was pulling his pants for attention, when the father pushed him back in anger and that’s when he fall down and hit the sharp corner of bed. The right side of his forehead along with ear felt spasms of agony as it hit the sharp edge of bed.

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He felt tears of pain and anger roll down his innocent cheeks. His father looked back to see what happened and felt further irritated, just then his mother returned home to face his wrath. Yet again she was accused of being highly educated and leaving the house, for work and livelihood, blamed as ‘good-for-nothing’. Domestic violence was everyday business that he was forced to witness.

In spite of all this, he would see his mother cook meal for his father and whole family. Do chores without complaining. Get new clothes for him. And did everything, shouldered all responsibilities as his mother was the sole breadwinner of the family. But over the years, his mother too accumulated some amount of bitterness within her which she vented through her love for ‘shayaris’ and poetry. He also started imagining all fathers as shrews!

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As the years passed, his father due to his prolong disease, became bed-ridden, he needed love and care. He wondered, ‘‘will ‘karma’ play its role?’’ But all he saw was his mother taking utmost care of his father. How could she? Was it because of her upbringing and society demands? Or out of respect for the relationship, she was into since last 40 years? He wasn’t convinced, after all, he was just entering the roller-coaster ride of his life.

Then came a day when he was undergoing training for his new job and had to put together a project about the life of elderly people living in an old-age home. The very topic made him sick to the stomach. He started to wonder why his own father couldn’t be sent to a home like this as he himself had demanded it so many times. The debate during the training about looking after the elderly in families made him argue with his colleagues to the point of being rude. All present there along with supervisors were surprised to see that he harboured so much anger within him.

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He along with his colleagues finally decided and reached the old-age home, an old building with some yellowish brown shuttered windows. He sat stubbornly on a bench in the garden, hell-bent on not doing anything constructive. That’s when he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder. He looked up and saw an old-man, in a plain white kurta, beaming at him. His name was ‘Mr Roger’, who invited him to his room and shared a packet of biscuits over a hot cup of ginger tea that he made.

Mr. Roger’s maturity with kindness attracted him and he gushed about his father. The old man assured him that all fatherly figures aren’t the same and probably his father had reasons for such ill-filled actions. After that day, till training continued, he went back to visit Mr Roger several times. Through his conversations with Mr Roger, the old man provided him with the understanding and closure that he needed to forgive his father and let go his anger.

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Thereon he would sit beside his ill father, take his bony hands in his and speak to him. He would tell him how he yearned for him to talk or response or smile. He doesn’t know if he ever heard him. But a while later he passed away and with him passed his anger-ridden self!

And he found solace in forgiving!

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The friend who taught me to face adversities with a smile

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I learnt what patience means when I got to know her. She taught me how one can be devoted and live life to the fullest. A very humble person and an ordinary woman for world, but for me she is my first friend after my marriage. I met her some more than 15 years ago. I was newly married and had shifted from the metropolitan city Ahmedabad to Baroda. It was a new experience of living in a new city amidst complete strangers, including my husband and in-laws.

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 I took up a job in the mortgage department with a multinational bank wherein I had to deal with numerous clients, builders and co-ordinate with lawyers and technicians. She, at that time, was working as customer care executive with one such renowned builder. We had been talking regularly regarding documents for a couple of months. Finally, after much delay, our meeting was fixed one day. By that time I knew her by her name and her melodious voice, all because of our telephonic conversations.

One afternoon during peak summers, I was waiting for her at her office. When she walked towards me, I saw her for the very first time and was completely amazed to see her ‘aura’. She was indeed as beautiful as her name ‘Manisha’! She was much polite and listened to all the queries patiently and helped resolve them.

Though she is an introvert by nature, but we gradually became friends. As time went and I started knowing her, I came to know that she is elder to me by age and experience. She lived in a vast joint family with her parents and siblings.

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She had dreams like any other Indian girl and wanted to pursue them. But I guess God had other plans for her. With so much struggle and compromise in her personal as well as professional life, I have seen her shattered and broken but never once did I see her complaining or giving up. I felt there’s a turmoil inside her but she maintained her calm and composure. No one, including the people who lived with her, was aware of her struggle. She lost her job a couple of times but her spirit always stayed high.

She became my first mentor after my marriage. At that time mobile phones were luxury and not affordable and there were no features like free incoming and outgoing messages, Internet and WhatsApp. We use to communicate through letters and STD calls. She became my light in darkness. She is the one always there for her family and friends but I hardly know anyone solely there for her!

It was one fine morning in 2004, I had just reached office and got a call on my landline. The conversation left me in a shock and before I could gather my sense, the receiver had dropped from my hands. The call was from Manisha’s friend who said she had met with an accident and was admitted to hospital. After collecting the address of the hospital, I rushed to be near Manisha. When I entered her room, I was shocked and shattered to see her condition. She was badly injured and had multiple fractures in her hand and leg. There were bandages all over, especially on her head. Her face and eyes were completely swollen.

I came to know she met with an accident previous night and was rushed to hospital with an emergency ward of the hospital. The doctors had already performed the operation to save her life as she had suffered a major injury in head.

It’s the worst experience of life to see the person you love, adore and respect, lying in the bed of hospital with bandages all over her body. Everyone from her family were around her. I started praying for her speedy recovery and waited impatiently for her to open her eyes. It was the toughest time of my life. Doctors had told she will be admitted for around 15 days followed by complete bed rest for two months.

Finally she opened her eyes by mid-afternoon and the first thing she did was smiled and thank God for saving her life. I was amazed to see her this gesture. She gave us the courage to fight with the situation assuring us that this time will pass soon and everything will be alright. She had the strongest will power and that day I learned the lesson from her that no matter what, never give up with your confidence, will-power and determination. Face everything in life with positivity and smile and surely you will conquer everything. It took few months for her to recover completely and few years for her scars to vanish.

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But as said, life goes on. I left India, in 2006. And despite the vast geographical distance between us, our friendship grew stronger with each passing year. With her, I have the best memories of my life – the fights and debates, the laughter and celebrations, our shopping sprees and movie sessions. Even today our morning starts by giving each other missed calls, which means ‘Good Morning’. It’s been 14 years now since we started this ritual of our friendship, growing stronger with each passing day.

Thanks to advance technology and gadgets now, which are helping us to stay in touch despite miles apart. Looking forward for the next visit to meet her and hope to celebrate our friendship.

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Physical appearance and virtue

Physical appearance and virtue
People give more importance to physical appearence

Our perception, makes beautiful things look more beautiful!

Beauty according to me can be categorised into ‘Appearance’ & ‘Virtue’.

What a majority of us do is reach a conclusions based on a person’s appearance. As a result virtues are ignored. Only few consider looking deep into a person’s virtue, keeping appearance aside. Cosmetics and make-up bloggers today, play a vital role in defining beauty. Make-up can change the way someone looks. In addition to this, we have various applications now on our mobile phones which highlight and enhance the beauty, making us look flawless.

When I see this today, I keep imagining the women of the past, during 1700s till 1900s. Beauty was not defined by social media post back then.

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Today, some women are considered naturally beautiful and rest look beautiful and appealing through various means now available in market, to fit into the so called ‘beauty standards’.

But here, I keep wondering where our perception of beauty is really heading too? Because according to my opinion, ‘‘Perception of quality is affected by opinions, experiences, appearances, recommendations, comparative analysis, usefulness, appeal, utility and many other things which is an individualistic choice’’.

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When we see someone pretty on a magazine cover, there can be alterations probably done to make the image look pretty, so I automatically assume that what I see is a prettier version of reality.

I think most people today are aware of the fact that most images we see around are retouched, and don’t represent reality. I personally think that the media nowadays edits too much stuff.

To me it seems like everything that is human, is gone now. They seem unreachable and their ‘beauty’ unachievable, which can harm peoples psyche.

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I look up to people that are real and admit to having flaws. This make them so much more human and relatable.

Usually, the rich can appear ‘beautiful’ due to cosmetics and things that they can afford, to fit the society’s perception of beauty.

Rigorous advertisements for staying fit also give people a complex and make them believe that losing weight will help them look beautiful.

But here health has to supersede beauty. It is important to be healthy above anything else.


I believe everyone is beautiful but not everyone sees it. It is truly said that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Our perception, makes beautiful things look more beautiful. For me a person is ten times more attractive, not by their looks but by their acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty, and loyalty.


Valentine’s Day – Single day to express love?

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‘‘Love is in the air’’. As February comes, it’s seen all over. No one is ready to be behind in this race. Feels like there’s a healthy competition going on everywhere. Advertisements are endorse on a large scales then be it for renowned airlines, jewellery shops, newspaper, magazines, restaurants, garments, gift shops, gyms or malls. Offers everywhere. Same hoardings with red theme and hearts around. Internet and media are also seen playing a major role to promote all these.

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Now this has left me thinking, do we need only one day or a special day in a year to express our love? Will it prove our love and relationship? Will it make it stronger by spending all our time, energy and money on Valentine’s Day? Does all who participate by gifting roses, chocolates and various gifts are able to prove their love, or just do it for the sake of doing it to sustain in society? How many are genuine with their intentions?

According to me, love cannot be bound or expressed on a particular day combined with goodies and a dinner date. Love is a divine feeling. We need to feel and live with it for it. It’s a lifetime commitment, how can one day or a moment be enough for it! If you love someone truly make every day a valentine day, every moment special, why restrict it to just one day! True love is not only gifts and dinner dates. It cannot be materialistic. It’s beyond all this. Keeping the one you love happy is important. Provide security by all means. Respect the person and give equal right to the opinions and weightage to decisions in life.

How can we neglect the other aspect for those who all are single or heart broken and alone? How must they be feeling? I am sure they go into a deep shell on such  day. What level of struggle they must be doing fighting themselves hard to pass this day out? Would like to give an advice here to all of them to be ‘’happy’’.

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By being happy they can survive and conquer not only this day but their entire life. I know it’s easy said than done! Start believing, happiness starts within ourselves. The day we will learn to love ourselves, we will learn to be happy. Many of us misunderstand life, by thinking and making firms decisions for future. We should not trade our happiness for what we think we need. Materialistic things can never make us happy because they are temporary and limited. Don’t spend money to impress people, when you don’t like it. No doubt we become happy by what we give. But don’t get the two confused!

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Let’s be creative towards our freedom and passion. It will surely reveal great rewards. Do not allow precious moments to pass-by full of unnoticed experiences. Don’t let the charm and hype of Valentine’s Day make you feel empty, leaving you hungry. Be happy, because you are the greatest undiscovered adventure of your lifetime.


Do What makes you happy

http://Time is ticking, do things that make you happy

Time is ticking, do things that makes you happy

Do what makes you happy, time is moving and we are growing old.

The basic ingredient for heart to stay healthy is keep it happy. Vacations have always proven to be boon, as they allow us to detach ourselves from our daily life and routine. They help us energise ourselves, just like how we fill a car with petrol so that it can run.

However, living life fully should be something on our agenda every day. Living happiness is for every day and not for a particular day, week or a month in life. Vacations act like a bridge as they take you to your family and loved ones. Nothing is permanent in life. We don’t know how much time we have. Today is promised so we must live it to the fullest.

For me, I try to be happy every day and I do this by doing everything I like. Whether it a gathering with friends, a party at home, movies and more, I try to do them all.

Sometimes, we plan staycation as a family for the weekend so that everyone can relax. I like to take part in my favourite activities like reading by the swimming pool, going to spa, spending time with family and more. Life is a vacation and we should feel alive all the time – wanting to be happy always.

The most special tool to revive one’s holiday spirit is photographs and videos. When you look at your old memories, they bring back a sense of completeness. Souvenirs helps us rewind our holidays and they remind us of how fortunate we are.

The most special tool to revive one’s holiday spirit is photographs and videos. When you look at your old memories, they bring back a sense of completeness. Souvenirs helps us rewind our holidays and they remind us of how fortunate we are. It makes us want to plan our next holiday destination. We sit as a family and make a list of the places we want to go and start shortlisting the destination as soon as possible.

Vacation might only be for couple of weeks, but a lot of effort goes into planning the holiday and making appropriate bookings. Memories made in the present will always be treasured in future. They make you remember the past with a smile. We must remember that with time we will age. We will grow older and our children will grow up too. By that time, these memories will act as souvenirs that we have created for ourselves. We should do what makes us happy always.


Live, Laugh & Enjoy

Summer break always bring backs a lot of memories from my childhood, favourite being of the time spent at my grandma’s place. Now that I am married, I have started making new memories. Summer break for me is Family and Friends time. So, it means gatherings, outings, get-to-gathers and parties. And not to forget visit to a new place every year.